DeAndre Hopkins To Be Dealt Soon

Ian Rapoport reports DeAndre Hopkins’ suitors are zeroing in on a trade.

Hopkins could be on the move soon as interested teams are focusing on what it’ll take to acquire the 11-year vet. Similar to Brandon Cooks’, Hopkins’ camp would likely have to structure a new deal for him. Hopkins is the best player available for trade at the moment and will elevate which ever team he ends up on.

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This will end in tears for the acquiring team.


I’m not so sure about that. The compensation is supposed to be only a 2nd round pick. Hopkins was literally the best WR in the NFL for a period of time and only missed 2 games in his first 8 seasons. Last year he missed 6 games due to suspension and the year before he missed susbstantial time for the first time in his career. He is also, reportedly, willing to take a discount to play for a contender since he hasn’t had much playoff success in his career.

Hopkins on a 2 year 30mil deal for a 2nd round pick could push a contender over the top.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports DeAndre Hopkins would be “flexible on the last two years of his contract” if traded.

Rapoport noted that he would not necessarily be looking for a “top-of-the-market deal.” Hopkins was recently on The Pat McAfee Show and acknowledged the trade rumors, though he didn’t expand much beyond that. If the Cardinals move Hopkins, they would be on the hook for a modest cap hit while his new team would take on expenditures of $19.5 million in 2023 and $14.9 million in 2024. Neither number is absurd for a player of Hopkins’ talent, but only eight teams even have $20 million in space for the 2023 season as things stand right now. Hopkins has been one of the best receivers in the NFL for nearly a decade but has two playoff wins to show for his efforts. It sounds like he would be open to some form of a restructured contract or even an extension that lowers his cap hits over the next two years if it meant he was playing for a contender. That possibility opens the door for a lot of teams to make Arizona offers.

I totally agree and I like the guy.

I think he would make a ton of sense for a team like Baltimore or Kansas City.

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What if he becomes a Detroit Lion

Give up a 2023 2nd and a 2024 2nd. We could always aquire more picks by trading back at 6 or 18.

Move would most likely mean we would have to cut Vaitai.

If we make that move we would be saying all roads lead through Detroit.


Sure doesn’t help Chark’s quest to get top dollar…

The Texans got less for Hopkins when they traded him three years ago.

Hopkins isn’t getting much more than a 2nd. I could see a 2nd this year and 4th next year, depending on how high the 2nd was. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they only managed a 3rd.

I personally would give up pick #55 for him. Hopkins on the outside with Jamo’s all world speed on the other side and St. Brown in the slot? Add in Raymond and Reynolds and that might be the best WR group in the NFL.

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I’d rather trade for Ekeler than Hopkins

Hopkins would look good where?

I remember hearing New England…was he cool with O’Brien?

That would make sense

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Ekeler wants a massive contract and that is almost never a good investment for RB’s.

I don’t think the Lions have even called the Cardinals to be honest, I just personally think it would be a worthwhile move to consider IF the cost was reasonable.

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If thats the case even better. It would mean just whether it makes sense financially or not.

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I will be EXTREMELY surprised to see the price be a high second rounder by itself even.

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Ramsey went for a 3rd. I could see the same for him.


Was Slay cool with Patricia?

O’Brien was the one that shipped Hopkins out.

So Jets or Browns then…

Is he cool with Mr. Massage?

PS Bill shipped out Jamie Collins, they reunited

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Got to be a team that a contender right? I would think Hopkins would like to get a ring at some point.

Watson and Hopkins are definitely close. They both went to Clemson! I am not sure if you kept up with the soap opera that was the Texans with Jack Easterby. But trading D-Hop and Watson’s continued support of him was part of what led to him eventually leaving the team. I skipped over a ton of stuff inbetween.


For sure, I like Ekeler, been a killer in fantasy football for me, but he’s gonna be 28 soon. Just not paying big money to a RB entering year 7.


They both are great at getting suspended as well!