Debate THIS Quarterback

Wow, it sure doesn’t look like the Kirk Cousins signing has worked out whatsoever for Minny.

I’ve got to say, I figured it would have worked a little better than this.


loving it. hope we can put it on them

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Cousins was frustrating on my fantasy team last year. He would always have a monster game when I put him on the bench

You know, I really like teddy bridgewater. he’s not flash at all but he’s pretty smart, he just lacks the BIG ARM everyone loves.

I’d take him for a backup here.

Cousins is Jon kitna 2.0… can look good if all you do is look at numbers but in real life isn’t that good. When game truly on the line he’ll way more times than not make a bonehead play to lose it. Since 2015 he leads the nfl in fumbles with 55 and has the most 4th qtr turnovers in that time also

Kitna’s numbers rarely ever looked “good.” He was a 20 TD, 20 INT kind of a guy.

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I am happy the Vikings gave him all that guaranteed money


Well Bridgewater has a big opportunity in front of him with Brees out for an extended period

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Yeah, because he’s the guy they hire to rebuild a team. As soon as the team gets good, the team drafts QB at #1. He had a decent year in 2003 (26TD 15 INT), the year they drafted Carson Palmer.

Lots of people in Seattle liked him and were upset when that stank Packer coach Holmgren brought Hasslebeck to play.

He looked pretty good in Dallas, too, in 2010 when Tony Homo got hurt, even though he was way over the hill.

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Anybody else a little freaked out that two ex-Lions QB’s are coaching in Dallas?


And their current QB has the 2nd highest rating.and the offense has the 5th most points in the league BEFORE playing Miami this week.


It’s too bad Kellen Moore didn’t have a bigger arm. He might have been a bigger impact as a player…

And Kitna, for whatever you think about him, won starting jobs everywhere he went. It’s just that he went to bad teams and then was jilted for either the coach’s pet or a #1 overall draft pick…

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I hope Taco plays. Not that he’s going to be a difference maker or anything, its just something fun to watch to occupy my time.

maybe Cutler would be our back up QB. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I am pretty sure Cutler is happy not having to be in the NFL.

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Cousins threw 30 TDs to 10 INTs last year, had a 70% completion, and a 99.7 QB rating last year. He will be around the same as that by the end of the year.

I liked both of them. I was pulling for Moore, but yeah, just not a very strong arm. I hoped his big brain would be enough. We could have had him instead of Cooter, though!
Kitna is a good QB. I’ve always said that.

If Patricia gets blown out at some point, the Lions should hire Moore to be the head coach.

Imagine the irony of a backup QB coaching the QB he backuped for a couple years.

Isn’t that technically what’s going on right now in Dallas? Kellen Moore was Dak’s backup, and now he’s his offensive coordinator.

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It’s funny that the Cowboys HC, OC, and QB coach are all former Cowboys QBs.