Debate This!

I think the best seats for an NFL game are end zone, say 40 rows up. Not the 50 yard line… Think about it.

30 years when I first moved to the Bay Area my father came out from Detroit to visit. We went to the Colieseum to see our Lions do battle with the Raiders. Only seats I could get were end zone, 50 rows up. I felt terrible for letting my dad down with cheap seats. .

But the seats were amazing. From that angle you can see everything coming right at you.

see the OLmen open the holes.
see the WRers run their routes and see who’s open early!

Can’t see this from the 50 yard line.

I prefer about the 20 yardline about 15 to 20 rows up. Get the good angle for redzone plays but are still closer to midfield when the play is at the other end. Probably not a shared opinion but that personally has been my best experience

In a related note…

I have watched my 2 boys play many hockey games in youth, high school, juniors, and college….

and the best spot to watch a hockey game is on the goal line at ice level.

Never lose sight of the puck… and can feel the hits when on that end of the ice. :+1:


Long ago went to a Wings game at the old Olympia. Was just getting into hockey and had second level seats behind the net. It really helped me understand the game. Seeing the plays develop and the defence putting up a front.

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My season tickets at the Dome were on the 10 yard line. I’ve sat near the 50 as well, which I think I prefer. I like the upper bowl as much as I like the lower. Different perspective.

The TV booth is probably the best seat in the house. Good luck getting those. Short of those probably sitting just below the TV booth would be it for me.

Masterfully debated …