Decker made me think

He was talking about playing confident and that rubs off on the interior guys.
What happened yesterday boosted my confidence. We’re playing next man up football convincingly.
Could it give the fans confidence? I know it did for me.
Anyone else?


Just saw an interesting stat; Detroit total offensive yards (this season, in two games), 1040!
520 yards a game!
I’m thinking we’re going to have to come to the realization they have.
They’re good! #1 in the NFL good.
Straight out of the gate!
With our interior line tied behind our back!
That kind of “good”!
The defense needs to man up. The offense is carrying them.


We all knew the offense was going to carry the defense this year. There was just too much to be done for the defense to be fixed in one off season. Hopefully they get reinforcements soon. Jacobs will be an upgrade over Harris. Okwara is an unknown but could offer some snaps to spell Hutchinson and Harris. I’ve written off onwuzurike and paschal for this season but you never know. Maybe we’ll be surprised and they’ll contribute. Big natty is right though and we really need a stud defensive tackle to pair with McNeil. He’s having to eat way too many double teams.

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If we are 4-4 heading to play the Bears in Soldier field in early November then there is definitely an opportunity to make a play off push. I doubt that outside of the Eagles, Bucs and Packers there won’t be many other teams from those three divisions who are capable of winning 10 games and being in the play of mix.

We have Seahawks, Dolphins and Packers at home and Vikings, Patriots and Cowboys on the road. I think we are capable of going 2-1 at home and getting a road win in this stretch.

Aside from the Bills on thanksgiving we will have the Bears home and away, giant on the road, Jags and vikings at home and the Jets and Panthers on the road before finishing on the road to Green Bay.
Lets just say the Bills and Packers games are losses. There is definitely a plus .500 record and play off push there for us and if things break our way if we can keep grinding as we did over the second half of last season and the start of this season.

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Just what if…

We don’t lose to the Bills on Thanksgiving?

Imagine that Ford Field atmosphere??


I think the Bills look like the only real Superbowl contender on our schedule. Green Bay are a solid outfit but I think they have taken a backwards step from last year.

Dolphins could be tough given the speed they have and their dynamic run game while the Jets and Giants could be anything at this point.

In December we have:

I think there is a very strong chance that most of those sides will have nothing to play for aside from a high draft pick and I think the Panthers will have an interim coach at that point. Just need to be close to .500 and healthy coming into December


I don’t know. No one in the NFC really looked ready coming out of the gates. I like the AFC team to win the SB this year… wonder if I can find that bet out there…


I highly expected the offense to carry the defense and I was hoping the defense would get to at least average. That maybe wishful thinking.

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The offense might be playing at a higher level than where they will be established by season end, but they are a very legit top 10 (top 5 potentially, but we will find out). Give them another year, and they should solidify that top 5 offense range. The draft/FA will be heavy on defense next year (plus QB pick), and this team will most likely be right on track for a deep playoff run for multiple years, especially if they hit on multiple players like Rodrigo deep in the the next couple drafts.

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Some might even say top 3, considering they’re tied for second most offensive points scored, straight out of the gate…last week with 3 starting Olinemen out (and the #1 CB).
Not real sure what it takes to get some folks excited around here?
The Bills (who are a great team) have scored 1 point more than the Lions.
KC (which is another great team) is tied with the Lions for the second most points scored.
The Eagles won because we spotted them a TD. They haven’t scored as many points as the Lions, and their offense didn’t score as many points in the game with the Lions.
We beat a winning team.
Enjoy this!

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I am definitely excited and enjoying it (insert “That’s what she said” here). I worded it that way because of the small sample size, and trying to have controlled optimism/excitement. I really feel the sky is the limit for this team when the wounded return.

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AFC -140
NFC +115

Thats a great way of looking at it. I think the Jags could be a better than expected team, but we should be able to handle them at home. I also feel like we are at least on par with the Vikings talent level so that is a very winnable game at home. Jets could surprise some people, especially at home. I feel like the Panthers and Bears are probably the two easiest games and both will be picking in the top 5. I don’t think it is unrealistic to expect to win 4 of those final 5.

Where’d you see that? Lions are actually 4th in the league w/811 yds in the two games. Good - but not 1,040-yds good.

And I hate to point this out, but the D is actually giving up more yds/game than the offense is racking up: :up: 851, which is 3rd-worst.

I don’t know where you came up with that stat, but that is not correct or even close lol.

Still very good though. But no team averages 500+ yards in the NFL.

God Bless You. :slight_smile:

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