Deep dive film analysis on how Bevell baited Eagles secondary


I love this kind of stuff and I’m glad we finally have a “real” OC again who understands the “art” of playcalling.

Many years ago I watched a detailed breakdown on Mike Shanahan’s playcalling (back in his Denver days) and how he was running stuff in week 2 to set something up for week 7, then putting a wrinkle in that for week 11, to finally go big with another twist to it in week 14. I’ve felt most Lions playcallers are just out there calling plays hoping for the best that down and that game. They had no real long term plan, nor did they seem to go back and do much self scouting…or at least it didn’t lead to many wrinkles.

What I really love about this kind of stuff is if you do it enough, it starts to put doubt in the defenses mind. They can no longer trust what they see on film. So even if they guess right, they aren’t screaming 100 mph at the play like they were under Lombardi and JBC.


This is exactly right, and one of the things I said I was most looking forward to, and that most people were overlooking for the Lions in 2019. That we would have a legit OC who is used to calling plays and knows how to set up DC’s.

I really think JBC found a nice rhythm at times with Stafford, but it consisted of calling plays Stafford liked. Teams learned how to queue on that, and the good teams were all over the plays before they left the huddle. By last year, even bad teams like the Jets were already aware of what plays we were running based on personnel.

I still look at the Minnesota games as borderline criminal. It was like watching the 85 Bears vs the NFL outside of Miami. Basically, the Vikings just bring pressure on every play, and JBC has no idea how to adjust. He tries to pass his way out of blitzes and ends up putting Stafford right on the train tracks. The reason the 85 Bears were so successful, teams didnt know how to account for them sending the house every single play. Then they ran their regular plays, watched as they were swallowed up, and then left QBs to get killed. Marino and the Dolphins found the secret. They used quick passing to get away from the rush, and didnt just beat Chicago, they hammered them.

Things like this encourage me that maybe, just maybe, we have a legit OC who can anticipate what teams are going to do, and adjust for it accordingly.


Yes, that’s why when a few folks pile on top of Stafford endlessly for years, I start to question if they have any understanding of the system, usage, and cast around a QB.
Any QB, not just Stafford, is going to benefit immensely from intelligent scheme and smart play calling. And likewise, be hindered by Jim Bob Cooter type stagnant and predictable play calling.

The way I look at is like this. For 5 years Stafford had a legit OC in his corner, during his formative years. Then for the next 5 years, he had quarterback coaches pretending to be OCs. Now, he’s got a real OC in his corner again. But this time, Stafford actually knows what he’s doing at the same time he’s got a real OC.


Yes, good logic flow there.

And… Bevell should be here as our OC for a few yrs imho…

This thread is why Brady, BB and JD as well are so fucking lethal… Brady grew up solely around BB and learned from his rookie yr to see this type of stuff and then JD come in…

Now we have Matt learning this fromBevel … over time Matt will grow and this will only get better and better imho… out only limitations now are injuries and our scouting department!

Yup - really good stuff!

I also remember Amendola (or Edelman, but i think it was Amendola 2 years ago) talking about what made Josh Daniels so good as an OC. One of them was a passing route they came up with where they gave a look that was an out route. It was a routine pass and completion, and the safety bit down hard on the out route. Amendola commented how hard the safety bit, so they ran the same exact formation and look as before later in the game. This time Amendola feigned an out, then cut upfield. The safety bit again on the out, and was dead to rights. Brady threw deep and it was a huge gain.

This is part of the reason why Im not happy, but not terribly concerned about the running game being weak right now. The Lions are forcing teams to go heavy in the box. They are changing how teams are playing the Lions. As the Lions get more experience and more comfortable, I think the running game is going to begin clicking. I think thats why Bevell and Patricia both said this weak the run game was close. While it hurts to watch, and sucks, the fact the Lions are sticking to the run and forcing teams to respect it is keeping the passing game open. Teams are loading the box with beef, and its letting guys like Hockenson game 1, Golladay game 2, and Jones in game 3 keep finding ways to get open.

The Lions are finally deep enough that they are forcing teams to pick their poison. Id argue this is the best Lions offense since 2011. Remember then, we had: Calvin/Burleson outside. Titus in the slot. Best in the backfield. Pettigrew (pre knee injuries) and Scheffler at TE. Thats why the Lions started 5-0. Teams couldnt figure out who to key on. Then Best got hurt, teams went coverage, and the Lions stumbled. They could still pass and have some success, but it wasnt the same.

Now look at the offense
Golladay/Jones on the outside. Amendola in the slot
Kerryon/Ty Johnsons at RB
James/Hockenson at TE

Its a very similar build


Wes touches on something I’ve been yelling about for years…that is that our leaders use inexperienced persons to help direct & lead this team , like QB coaches and that.

It disrupted our players more than it ever helped them …that includes Stafford.