DEFENSE right now

Hutch---- Romeo
Buggs — MARTIN ---- Benito
McNeil---- Paschal — D Taylor— Levi O
Commish— Houston — Julian

Charles---- Barnes
Anzalone— CAMPBELL
Rodrigo ---- JRM

Moesely — Jacobs
Sutton — McCain
Harris ---- BRANCH — Lucas
Kerby ---- Iffy

Darius Rush would make me feel a lot better at outside CB we have a ton of guys that can play inside…CGJ, Sutton, Branch, Harris, Lucas

@coyote12 you were right, they must like McCain a lot

I’m wondering if we are changing our defensive front to 3 man based on our offseason.

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They already have played a bunch of multiple fronts, especially towards the end of last season. I would expect a lot more of the same.


Malcom in the Middle … of the bench


I said last year Rodrigo was probably only starting because we were so weak at linebacker and would probably be a beast as a mostly special teamer. Looks like that will be the route next year. He could still get some playing time in certain packages on D.


He’ll be a useful player. Jack Campbell can be a star though.


I think so too! So happy we got him. All that Holmes doesn’t value linebacker talk sure was a bunch of BS.


Paschal is a 10 sack guy according to the lions….so I believe he is a starter. Wouldn’t shocked if Barnes is moved………to a different position group.

As a rookie, day one.
He’s going to be improved.
He won’t be his best until next year.


And now we have depth with starting experience! If AA or Campbell get banged up, Rodrigo should be able to step in and start. We are much deeper at many positions now.


I love Jack, but, he has to earn it.
This is all premature.
Plus, Jacks skillset is more in line with what Anzalone currently does.
This place cracks me up. A month and a half ago everyone was freaking out because of Anzalones resigning.
Now, Rodrigo is riding the pine.:rofl:

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So do I brother!

Animal House Drinking GIF

It shows!:stuck_out_tongue:

Haha actually I never touch the stuff anymore. The liquor makes me go streaking, best to stick to beer.

Holmes got the best LB available, the best Safety available, and an absolute rock in the middle of the D-line. Just what this D needed to get this draft!

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