Defense sceme: why change if it wasnt broken?

Why did they move away from what worked last yr? That was a 5-2 base nascar defense. They changed to a zone heavy defense. It isnt working and they need to go back to nascar!


When it comes to AG’s defense, it sure seems like we keep trying to reinvent the wheel every few weeks.

So many head scratching moments last week. Houston in man to man coverage has gotta be some of the dumbest ideas I’ve seen.

Can John Fox call the defense!? And AG can just stand there on the sidelines pretending to do something like Anthony Lynn did a couple years ago?


We played quite a bit of man Sunday. Still more zone than last year but Sunday wasn’t like the Chiefs game from what I could tell.

As to why, in game 1 Kelce was out and he’s their zone beater. Mahomes absolutely torches man and is also a great scrambler. Made sense.

Not really sure what the plan was against the Seahawks.

Leave Jacobs on an island?

That was awful.


There was one play I remember it was 3rd and 10 or so. Jacobs was playing way off the ball. WR just ran at Jacobs, and then took the easy out route for a 1st down. Is he being coached to play that soft? Get up in the guys face and jam him. At least make it a challenge for them. I don’t get that.

Here’s the play time stamped… just way too easy. 8:50 mark of the video. After the easy 1st down, they score a TD on the next play.

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Totally agree. AG’s coverage scheme was in general a travesty. But Jacobs one on one with DK was particularly egregious.


Brother, he was out on his own continent.

Especially if the plan was to play zone most of the game (which it clearly was).

#23 did not have a good day, like ALL day.

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When you apologize for your individual performance to an entire fanbase, yeah, I’d say you had a pretty shitty day at the office. And his DC did him zero favors.


Romeo Okwara, Charles Harris, and Tracey Walker are three of the top ten highest paid Lions players…aaaaand, the drummer from Def Leppard’s only got one arm

According to Greg Olson on the DK catch on 3rd down in overtime Jerry was supposed to play inside leverage and then he was designed to have safety help on deep passes to the sideline. So Jerry may have on that, and perhaps other, occasion(s) neutralized his own help.

How do we know that AG wasn’5 just following J Fox advice for the scheme on defense Sunday?

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Didn’t hear nothing from the linebackers yet they were even worse than Jacobs. They were 14-14 for 169 yards passing yards against. Any time Seattle needed yards, a pass to the flats or over the middle got them out of trouble

Didn’t we fire a DB coach last year because Dan and AG wanted tight press coverage at the line and Aubrey P. “supposedly” wasn’t doing that?

Now this year we have AG having his DB’s allow 10 yard cushions. Hmmmmm…very interesting