Defensive Problems

  1. The use of the 3-man rush ain’t working IMHO. Once in awhile is okay, but you gotta at least try to confuse the offense a little bit by putting 7 or 8 guys on the line or near it and rushing different people from different places.

  2. Play-action is killing the Lions D. the back 7 hesitate or even move up just enough for the WRs to get by the corners, and when any NFL QB has that much time to wait before he throws it, well you’re kinda fucked.

  3. So, why is play-action killing the Lions? Mostly cuz the DL is not disengaging and making tackles. And the LBs are not making tackles either, way too many misses or broken tackles where the RB runs out of what shoulda been a TFL or no/short gain.

  4. Too many guys on defense are under-performing, and everyone pretty much knows who. I have to think some of that is coaching and scheme, what if anything are they doing different now from last year? I confess, I ain’t smart enough to know that but something is wrong.

  5. The officials cost the Lions the game in GB, but not this one against Minny. We flat out shit the bed on defense, when you give up 500 yards and 42 points on defense at home then something has to change.

  6. Injuries have hurt the Lions, Minny came into the game at full strength and we didn’t but that’s life in the NFL and I get that. Maybe some guys were out there for the Lions at somewhat less than 100%, but for whatever reason we blew some coverages or was late getting to the ball. Would it matter if Hand and Daniels were out there? Maybe the DTs that did play wouldn’t have been as exhausted in the 4th qtr.

  7. How many times did the Lions have them in 3rd and long but couldn’t prevent the 1st down? Look, Cousins is playing very well lately, and you just can’t give him that much time to find a receiver. Our secondary IS NOT THAT GOOD. Especially if Slay and Diggs and who knows who else is not 100%.

  8. I think the defensive game plan has to change, right now. Allowing the nickle and dime shit doesn’t seem to stop anybody and you end up with a tired and ineffective defense in the 4th qtr. I say screw it, if you get them in 3rd and long then bring the fucking house.

  9. Here’s the schedule up to the T’Day game:

NY Giants here
Oakland there
Chicago there
Dallas here
Washington there
Chicago here (T’Day)

None of these teams are shit-hot, but the Lions cannot continue to play like they have thus far on defense. I dunno where we are with the latest injuries from yesterday, but I do expect to get Hand back this week and Bryant back for the 1st Bears game. Daniels, who the hell knows, he hasn’t even been at any of the practices yet. And even if he does return, what shape will he be in? The Lions don’t need another big fat DT guy that doesn’t stuff the run and get any pressure inside against the QB. They’re saying Strong did a good job against Minny, but apparently nobody else did.

So, good news and bad news. The good news is the offense is doing well, scoring 30 on the Vikes defense ain’t bad at all. The bad news if our defense sucks 6 ways from Sunday. They better show up against the Giants or there’s going to be a lot of boos.

Minny lost their #1B wr early in the game and we STILL couldn’t make a stop. 30pts (31 if wr went in the situation having to go for 2) vs a top level defense should win you games not lose by 12. I thought versatility was supposed to be a strength of our d, where no one knew where the rush was coming from?? I STILL DON’T KNOW, STILL WAITING

It all starts up front, where we have one of the worst performing (and highest paid!) defensive lines in the NFL. Puncher’s chance that DeShawn Hand comes in and turns this around, but very unlikely. I think we’re in a lot of trouble here, especially with the Snacks extension.

I would love to see us try to get DT Wolfe from denver. His contract I believe is up at end of this year or next. He gets SOME qb pressure but can clog the middle. Shouldn’t cost more than a 6-7th