Deion Sanders: "Certain cities . . . ain't gonna happen" for Shedeur Sanders,

1989 all over again.

But, I’m overwhelmingly happy with the choice Fontes made:


I don’t know if Detroit is off the list for these guys, but I’m pretty sure that Shedeur and Travis don’t fit what BH/MCDC are doing in Detroit. Definitely don’t need a diva like Deion entering the mix.


Shedeur not going to be a top 10 QB in the NFL. He is not prime time.

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Detroit has been off the list for many major free agents in every sport for years. It just isn’t a city that’s a draw to many young people. Definitely a handicap in regards to sports free agency.

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The next time Brad or Dan say that “not everyone can play in Detroit” they need to add “we dont have a lay-a-way program here”

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Honestly, after all of these years of watching football I’m convinced that there are organizations that will ■■■■ up your career.

I have no issue with prospects voicing this.


I have zero issues with Deion’s opinion or the way he’s stated it.

I didn’t listen or read the link, I just hope that Sanders isn’t on Detroit’s radar and I doubt he is.

Really don’t care what Deion said on this.


Yeah, that’s a separate issue. If he doesn’t want to go to a team with bad management, I could see that. That’s not what he said though.

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The current rules work fine. If you get drafted and don’t want to play for that team, you can sit out for a year or try to whine yourself into a trade. Thankfully not many players go that route, as its a sufficient deterrent. I don’t have a very high opinion of rookies that go this route.

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First I 100% agree with the idea that you should want to push to be at an org that is well run. There is of course some danger in that because a well run org (winning) tends to be a bit more accountable, a bit tighter with the money, and a bit more ruthless with player performance expectations. So one should be careful with what you wish for.

I have zero patience with racist comments on any topic. If he is saying he prefers to be in cities that are run by African-Americans then he is a racist. There is no middle ground on this topic. If he is saying he prefers cities that are larger and warmer then that is a different comment.

If I had my preference I would for sure be somewhere warmer. God put me in Detroit but I would really rather be in San Antonio, or Phoenix, or basically anything that did not really have a Winter. I have had enough sub 30 degrees. Of course right now I am thinking Montana. I have also had enough of the humans for awhile and would not mind being in the middle of no where living a very quiet life.

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Many major free agents? I’m not so sure about that.

Most free agents go where the money is and/or where they can win. I don’t think the city plays much of a role, at least not in football.

As far as Shedeur is concerned…First of all, Deion isn’t doing him any favors and he’s not good enough to be dictating his destination. This is just a case of Deion craving attention as he usually does.

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I think winning cures the majority of that “won’t go to Detroit” narrative which history shows.

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Would not want either of these guys on the team. The squad we have built are actually a team, these guys care more about themselves than anything else, that just doesn’t fit here.

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Both the Lions and Vikings play in a dome, so they usually only have a couple of cold weather games outdoors, Packers and Bears, and even then, what’s his son going to do when his team plays in cold weather? Take the day off?


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It can.

Glasgow reported took less money to remain with the Lions.

Cousins apparently moved to ATL because his wife and his family are from Georgia.

But, ultimately, I agree:

YARN | It's all about the Benjamins, baby! | White Chicks ...

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The smart thing to do is get in the league and get in your 4 accrued seasons so you can become a UFA and go anywhere you want to. Even if you sit out the year after you get drafted, you just go right back into the draft. Now, I’m sure some teams won’t take you after you have fully confirmed you’re a douchebag but still any team can pick you.

If he gets with the right OC and coach, I think he will be fantastic. If he ends up in San Fran for example, his ceiling would be really high. Top ten easily.

The thing is Shedeur seems like a good kid, and Deion’s influence over him will start to wane pretty drastically once he enters the league. I just don’t see this being much of a problem.

Kid has talent but I also think the team had bouts of undisciplined play that won’t fly if your dad isn’t the head coach. I would have loved to see him play for a year under someone he doesn’t call dad.