Delay of game is a subjective call now?

Subject to the laws of time perhaps?


Subject to the time it takes an old guy’s brain to process what he sees, move his head, process what he sees again, reach into his pocket, throw a flag, blow a whistle and raise his arms., I guess. Its ridiculous.


Hoo boy. So, there is a guy who’s job it is to watch the ball and the play clock. Probably 2 guys, actually. They do it all game long, every week. Yet they are unable to catch it after a couple of seconds at a key moment.

Suddenly, it is subjective.

I am generally in the ‘don’t blame the refs’ camp. Not because they are correct, or fair. But because you can’t control it. But this was a very bad call, and an even crappier justification by the league.

It doesn’t matter much for us this year, but what about teams competing with the Ravens for playoff seeding? Pretty lame overall.

I hate when people feed you a load of BS and expect you to accept it. It makes me think of the time when the NFL fought very hard to get classified as ‘entertainment’ rather than an ‘athletic competition’ (with higher standards). Sigh.


Wait, I know, this is all part of the Stafford curse!! (Or perhaps Stafford infection) :wink:

Remember they asked his input when positioning the play clock… :rofl:

Sometimes zero isnt

zero. And time is illusion


Wow. Are they classified as entertainment? That would make a lot of sense.

What a crock of :poop:.

Should be like the NBA where a buzzer goes off so EVERYONE knows time is up. How is time subjective. F’n clown show.

NFL a BILLION dollar business can’t even have full time officials. After all these years and the ridiculous money they make why can’t they make these guys full time, have a full time program or something to train officals.
And if they majorly screw up there should be consequences. Suspended without pay and the next official takes their place. These guys don’t even get health insurance from the league.

Oh wait I know why none of this can happen.

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Oh is the subject Fucking the Lions?


Good to know that time itself is now subject to interpretation. What about numbers? Maybe 17 is more than 19 now. We won!


Yeah, I remember a hullabaloo about it a few years back. This is a post from a Denver Broncos forum with a take on it, for whatever it’s worth.

I guess that’s the answer to the question of, “What do you get when you give a nutjob infinite time and a keyboard?”.

Apparently the ref’s didn’t complete the process.


Yeah. Subjective as to who it helps, who it hurts and when in the game it takes place. Kind of like hands to the face a couple years ago. Or PI in the playoffs.

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Same think Harbaugh said after the game.
I bet the league ran with what he said.
There’s a real easy fix for that. Just put a buzzer activated by the clock hitting zero in the ref’s ear piece. Then he can watch the ball and listen for the buzzer.
Nah, who ever heard of a buzzer hooked to a time clock? Probably wouldn’t work.


Anyone else find irony in the fact that the fact that the officials are attempting to use the Reality Stone to change time, instead of just using the Time Stone to change/manipulate the situation?

Goodell thinks he’s got the entire gauntlet worth of stones, but he doesn’t.

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Yup - fuuucking ridiculous. They need a buzzer, like the NBA has.


I can’t remember who suggested this first on the board…but I whole heartedly agree. Make it an NBA style buzzer. I go back to “2 guys in a bar” as the standard the NFL needs to meet. And 2 guys in a bar think that when the clock hits 0 it means delay of game.

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Maybe the end of the game is subjective too, like soccer.

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Or have the ref wear a shock caller that zaps him when it hits zero.


If it’s subjective, just get rid of the clock altogether!