DeLorean is back! Meet the 188mph Alpha5

Great Scott. This is awesome. Gull-wing doors and all.

meh-it’s “ok”, I wouldn’t want one- boring.

If it doesn’t have a flux capacitor in it… well… it can move right along. Still sweet though.


they could have a better design-that one doesn’t thrill me.

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A lot of the design work is driven by wind tunnel testing these days. Blocky like the old DeLorean is left for retro cars. They didn’t go retro here.


Poor John, he was railroaded. He was dumb also, but railroaded…

EDIT: I’ll let myself out…

It’s an EV… which some would believe means it won’t sell at all because everyone wants to get a Tesla.

Didn’t y’all hear… Tesla is gonna dominate the car market and be worth more than all 9 or 10 of the top auto companies in the world.

This AMG GT Roadster was at my inn last week. Wish i would’ve snapped a profile pic. Looked like the Tim Burton era Batmobile.


I’ve driven a truck for decades now. Test driving cars now…can’t see shit, feels unsafe. Don’t like riding in 'em, but I love the way so many of them look.

It’s weird how getting into a really nasty accident changes everything.


This is more your style…

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No. And i should know.

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that’s Ironhyde from Transformers

Well, we for sure recently have seen that in no way does the FBI or CIA entrap or goad a person to committ crimes/cover shit up…


while true, it does take a willing person to entrap. wouldn’t surprise me to see them put up by the big 3 at the time as well.

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Yeah, but if memory serves, DeLorean was selling cocaine because he needed the money to keep his company afloat, so his was legit, unlike the recent cover-ups i think your alluding to

Fortunately for me, I will never buy electric, ICE only for me, so no temptation with this version, lol

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Does shit still get weird when you get up to 88 MPH?


back to the future GIF

great post @Motorcitymaniac …. :+1::trophy: