Den Old School keeper Fantasy League waitlist

Fellas, we have a 10 team, long term Fantasy League running, and at this point , no one has said they aren’t returning, but in case they are not, Im taking a waiting list for this year only.

2 keepers, no position limits, standard league yahoo platform $20 in, $150 winner $50 super bowl loser,everyone else gets paid in experience. New players would take over existing team.

IF YOU ARE IN THIS LEAGUE, if you havent paid, pay and keeper due date is 9/1.

ReLion, Grand River and Fenkel, Yooped UP, Buggernuts, JerseyLion and MyLions have yet to pay, but to be fair, I just sent the notice out today.

ReLion is still around?

Good to hear!

Put me on the list.

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