Derek Carr being shopped

Interesting off-season development.

If Jacksonville doesn’t end up with an upper-end QB, those fans need to revolt.

IDK if that is real or not, but I do know that the name Master Tesfatsion is for damn sure an Anime or Pokemon character, somewhere…


Gruden is this era’s Millen.

I’ll pass on the used Carr. Too many miles.

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LOL…Carr was drafted in 2014.
Brady was drafted in 2000.

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I know, I should have thought that one through.


I’ll be damned if I’m going to buy a bill of goods from a used Carr agent…


So, one comment by Calvin Johnson a few years back that he’d love to play with a guy like Carr. Maybe we could get him to come back?

Derek isn’t a Yugo or Trabant, but he is more like a Chevy Cobalt that you paid Maserati cash for.

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annnnnd now that the can of worms is opened, I expect to see a car equivalency of Stafford deluge…

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Carr is going to be a solid QB for someone if the Raiders move on from him. He still put together good numbers last year despite doing it with a beat-up offensive line that included two rookie tackles, and that his top receiving threat is a 10-year veteran tight end

Remember he’s just two years removed from being discussed as a league MVP


Right, again, short term NFL fan memory is on display when speaking about Carr.
He is a good QB.

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