Derrick Barnes video

More about him than his play. But if you watch anything watch it starting at 15 minutes – it brought a tear to my eye.
Also watch the Rodgers sack starting at about 14 minutes – God, our youngsters own Rogers!

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Yea, great video. Was shared last week. If only Campbell and AG didn’t hate Barnes so much, he’d play more!


LOL! Riiiiiiiight!

Geez, i even searched for derrick barnes before i posted and saw nothing…oh well - missing a week on the board for a trip in the grenadines was still worth it! lol.


Sounds glorious. Would love some warm weather and sun right about now, canadian winters seem to never end.

you finally gave me an excuse to use that last emoji! sounds like you needed one, lol.

You make fun of the fact that I advocate for Barnes, but read the article by twentyman on the linebackers???

Learn how to take a joke and life will be a lot easier.

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The joke is not funny after the 1000th time.

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