Desean Jackson comments

I didn’t know if this was considered OT or not since it’s regarding a football player but does anybody find it insanely hypocritical that Stephen Jackson and others who are BLM supporters defends Jackson’s anti-semitic comments while others remain silent meanwhile Brees who has done amazing things for his community and was universally thought of as a great guy gets raked over the coals by those same people for ignorant yes but far less harmful comments? I know what the reason is but I’ll just leave it at that.

I’m all for supporting racial injustice and the system undoutedly needs to change but it seems like these athletes and some BLM activists are creating even more divisiveness. It’s becoming a “them vs. us” mentality with some of them.
I wasn’t going to bring it up until I saw Stephen Jackson’s response. It’s just something that’s been bugging me.

Edit: I guess it is OT on second thought. I’ll move it to OT.

To me, addressing this “non-issue” is not the answer, even though it fits in with my own truth.

To me, anything that doesn’t speak to oneness and unity is counter-productive. There are problems…we know that.

Now, let’s focus on the SOLUTION!
I don’t know what he said, but If I were to interview him, I would immediately validate him, make him feel heard, understood, and authentically loved. I’d ask him a few questions, get to the heart of how he feels and why…thank him for telling me how he feels…and immediately shift to asking him what the solution is. If you are not looking for the answer, you will never find it.


The lack of backlash and lack of action by all involved and not involved speaks to equality not being the true objective.
If zero tolerance is now the NEW Normal he should have been fired near instantly .
The Zero Tolerance crowd and cancel culture for any racist comment or implied racist comment made by a White person should have had the same reaction to the comments made by DeSean …that’s not the case .
The double standard , the 2 sets of rules , the affirmative action of consequences for comments made by non Whites …This is 2020 and yet Riley Cooper of 2013 is being used as a reason for tolerance to Jackson . The whole thing is a shit show.

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To me there is a doubled-standard from the BLM group and Steven Jackson…but I also remember Riley Cooper (who also played for the Eagles) hurling his racial slurs at a concert and then getting a 5 year extension afterwards :innocent:

Riley Cooper was mentioned because Joe Banner said if a white player had said anything about African Americans then folks would be calling for Cooper to be released…so someone responded to Banner’s tweet by saying “Riley Cooper” and then the Cooper concert outburst was shown

Here’s what he actually said.

If a white player said anything about AA’s as outrageous as what Desean Jackson said about Jews tonight there would at least be a serious conversation about cutting him and a need for a team meeting to discuss. Which would be totally appropriate. Absolutely indefensible.

If you think about the reaction towards Brees and the need for NO to have a team meeting. The same standard should apply.

Equality doesn’t come by having double standards.

But the truth is that this current outrage isn’t really about equality. Go to the BLM official website and read their demands. Listen to what those leaders are actually saying.

It really is a sad and disappointing time in America.

I don’t remember if there was discussion of Cooper being released. I do know that the Eagles players kept it in-house and they forgave Cooper. I remember Skip Bayless being one that called for Cooper to be out of football…but I from what I remember Cooper apologized publicly and all was forgiven

I just wrote off Jackson’s post as ignorance, nothing more. Given the state of education where high school text content is governed by the Texas school board, we have no idea if he was adequately exposed to the truth or some diluted version of it. In any event, trying to diminish another’s suffering to elevate ones cause does little to advance the conversation. Sounds like he will receive his full education soon. I grew up watching recaps of what the Nazi’s did in WWII so it’s still very fresh for me, while those who grew up in the 70’s and beyond it was ancient history and didn’t resonate with them, unless they were jewish. Sad.

Getting honest with history is a major part of healing, as a society. More understanding = more love and empathy…more recognition of others in ourselves…more oneness
(exactly the opposite of what the divisive govt wants to see)

LOVE this…We all are the same, looking to meet the same needs, and love is the answer to all of this. Love brings us together, then the legislation, etc gets corrected…NOT the other way around. Meet war with war…you get more war.
He called on the Black and Jewish communities to listen and learn from each other … and then made an offer to DeSean.

“DeSean, lets do a deal. How about we go to D.C. and I take you to the Holocaust Museum and then you take me to the Museum of African American History and Culture.”

“Afterwards, we grab some burgers and we have those uncomfortable conversations. This world needs a little more love, compassion and empathy.”

For his part, Jackson has said he’s been meeting with Jewish leaders to try and educate himself about anti-Semitism.

We’ll see if he takes Edelman up on his offer.

Love that. Not sure if the equivalent of the Holocaust museum exists for Slavery and plight of blacks, but it would be an awesome first step. The museum Ettlemen mentioned may be exactly that, but not much mention of it is made, as I didn’t even know of it’s existence.

Getting history right is a good first step in understanding how others feel, and the extent of the anchors to those feelings. Regardless of having the same or differing opinions on how to handle it, being on the same side as your fellow brothers and sisters (all humans), will get us progressively closer to a giant mastermind of love.

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Unfortunately, Riley Cooper did make a statement. He called for killing blacks but referred to them using the N-word while at the concert. The Eagles gave Cooper an extension. It was like they cosigned on his behavior. Vick did advocate Cooper as being a good guy; however, this is the double standard and the hypocrisy that floats around. Jewish folks will never let you forget the holocaust and Blacks should never let anyone forget the suffering they’ve been through since being stolen from their own country. The key is educating. Yes the truth may hurt but it should be told especially in schools.

It’s 2020 …what was said by Cooper in 2013 is not relevant in today’s cancel culture.
Athletes and Celebs failed miserably by not destroying DeSean Jackson and not considering him collateral damage for the said causes that are taking place …The Horrible reaction by everyone involved while showing a true bias and double standard has weakened the cause and point … it will come back and haunt .

The key is educating …Agree 100% and it should be taught in schools…The Harsh reality of Whites and how the race prospered off the backs of slaves it is surely a stain in American History …Yet we hear very little from an accountability standpoint on why Slaves were available …Why is that ?

Who created slavery and who enslaved Blacks as servants and workers long before any white people in America ever did ?

Who was doing the stealing of the Blacks from their own country and who was doing the actual enslaving ?

The majority of slaves brought to this Country were purchased from ?

Of the Blacks who were free here in America, did a significant portion actually own slaves themselves ?

Who was the first person to actually legally own a slave for life in America and actually went to court to make it official ? What color was he ?

None of this truly matters as the practice was disgusting, yet the finger pointing always points in one direction …The blame game is very skewed , as is the accountability by the race that did the brutal enslaving of it’s own people for both work and profit …

Yes Africans did enslaves Africans; however, but it’s wasn’t like what was carried out in America. It seems you are using this as an excuse to justify slavery.

Blacks might have been free but who were making and passing the laws? It was rich whites (the founding fathers) who thought blacks weren’t equal. Blacks never created America’s Education, Political nor Justice systems which were designed to include systematic racism. So when one says white privilege, it’s one who is benefiting from these old systems of practices, thoughts and ideas that continue to this day. In fact, it’s on a global now and has been for quite sometime.

The enslavement in Africa was exacerbated by the European presence. Yes, European slave traders entered “preexisting circuits of exchange” when they arrived in the 16th century. But European demand changed the shape of this market, strengthening enslavers and ensuring that more and more people would be carried away. “[European] slave-ship captains wanted to deal with ruling groups and strong leaders, people who could command labor resources and deliver the ‘goods

Blacks essentially built America and worked several hundred years without even getting paid. They maid Mississippi into a global power from cotton. America has never apologized nor given reparations. She sets them free yet they’re at a disadvantage in terms of laws and they have no wealth. She continues to profit off slavery from the loophole in the 13th Amendment.

Yes the truth hurts but the real truth needs to told not lies and in·uendo


What part of what I wrote attempts to justify or condone Slavery ?

Other than plagiarizing someone else’s writing above you fail to recognize that Slavery was not Americas doing …Supply and demand by Europe (Not America) does not change that fact either…We can discuss it if the opinions you have are your own and you want to express yourself

If America was built as you claim by Slaves or even if you isolate specific areas , was America in part built by the 1000’s upon 1000"s/ 10,000 + bought and sold by the Blacks from Africa that enslaved their own people & by the Black Slave owners who purchased them , obviously all parties are guilty including Whites and the Indians who purchased them but how does one discern ?

This is not me condoning or justifying Slavery’s existence in any way, shape or form …

Slavery was not White Americas doing is the point…

Not to over simplify here …If Blacks were not enslaving their own and then offering them as a purchasable commodity outside of Africa and the proverbial product did not exist, one can not claim this was the whites of Americas doing… Slave owners of all colors and races were not unlawful at the time .

Slavery was a disgusting practice and because of the ignorance by all Humans and how we treated other human beings …This is lost on most

Loving the humans is the answer. Everyone in this conversation can start here…right now.
America isn’t a piece of dirt with vegetation growing on it, and natural resources buried in it…America is US. It’s the humans. Loving e/o is loving America. Doing your best to understand others will help you understand yourself more. Wanna love America? Wanna be a patriot? Wanna be fucking happy? Go love each other :wink:

It will make you happy, your neighbors, kids, friends, family, co-workers…that shit is more infectious than Covid, baby…plus, we don’t have to shut the world down to experience it!

Slavery in America by whites was entirely “White America’s doing.” To claim otherwise is nonsense. And what of the post-slavery years, Jim Crow, the denial of equal rights… whitewashing slavery and the legacy which continues today in the US justice system is not going to help improve anything. What’s truly needed is a truth and reconciliation commission. I would expect reparations are off the table as a pre-condition, but at least then a formal process can take place and a formal apology made. Combined with certain reforms in policing and in the justice system, the foregoing would go a very long way toward healing the USA, IMO. Not holding my breath.


this is a huge issue and is even more complex than most people know and or are willing to admit. this isn’t just a “white” issue. i’ve worked with people from all over the world. i’ve heard and seen very racist comments and actions from all people from all walks of life. yet racism is viewed as most a problem with the “white community”. to truly fix this issue all sides have to make changes. including the black community. i won’t pretend to know all the issues or the things they go through on a daily basis. but i can’t help but wonder how different things might be if education were made much bigger priority for young black men. think of 1000’s of athletes over the years that have left school early. how much different would things be in black communities if those kids have stayed and gotten their college degree. i’ve read too many stories of these young men failing to become pro’s and turning to crime or selling drugs to get by. it makes me sad…if only they’d gotten their degree and had that to fall back on.

Because Redwing says so , does not make it so and to call it nonsense is Blackening the situation, it is asking one to own up to something and have accountability, while not leading by example/practicing what one preaches .
To dismiss the actual people (Blacks) who enslaved and sold there own as property or goods, to both Europe & America and dismiss this action as anything other than the root cause of Slavery… is bullshit.

America has a lot to own …I do not pretend that Slavery was okay or right …I do not pretend the buyer (All Buyers) does not & did not play a major role in Slavery or that post Slavery the issues were handled appropriately but that in it’s self is a totally other issue .

Not because “Redwing” says so (God help us if that’s the case), but because it’s irrefutable. It’s like you’re saying child porn is wrong, but someone else provided it so the consumer is a victim because someone else played a role in providing it. You can point the blame in lots of directions. But that’s not America’s problem right now, is it?

My personal opinion is that a formal process is called for. It’s had good results elsewhere. Air the dirty laundry and move on. America is worth it.

Not at all …One is illegal and one was not …Nobody ever claimed White People were victims in Slavery .

When Blacks , Whites and Indians in America all legally owned Slaves and those Slaves were enslaved by Blacks in Africa to be sold and traded …Who is ultimately responsible for Slavery ? You can’t have Slavery without Slaves …You cant have a Cocaine addiction without Cocaine… it’s impossible .