Deshaun Watson breaks it down

This is actually the 2nd week in a row he’s done this.

Love hearing that sorta talk. So much fun to learn about football.

Couple of things Watson mentioned that the average fan might not know.

Here’s a great example of the cover 6 defense with an explanation.

Also the diamond is actually a way for a receiver to break tight press man coverage.
Here’s an example.

Its funny because that kind of talk is what you hear a lot of on NFL radio, especially Jim and Pat. I’ve said before that once you hear them analyze a game and all of the little details as to why I play worked or didn’t work…it makes it impossible to ever watch some of the TV personalities talk about football again. I remember one play where Tony Romo threw the “game losing” interception at the end. On NFL radio they were breaking down the play and everything Tony did right, including the read. But they also broke down the slight protection mishap that led to the defender not allowing Tony time to wait for the receiver, and he couldn’t follow thru on his throw so it was a little off. Then you turn on Stephen A. Smith and those guys and their great analysis of the play is “Tony choked again, because he’s a choke artist and that’s all he’ll ever be!” Yeah, great insight their scooter.


Stephen Smith thinks the louder you are, the more correct you are. He yells over everyone. Someone smart should call him out on that shit in a way that exposes him.

Great point about NFL radio - I miss that stuff.