Detroit Lions 2022 1st Round pick from the LA Rams

If the Rams lose to the Cardinals, it’s No. 24 overall.

If the Rams beat the Cardinals (and the chalk picks–Bucs & Cowboys also win), the No. 4 seeded Rams travel to No. 1 seed Green Bay to play the Packers.

If the Rams lose to the Packers, it’s No. 27 overall.

So, it’s most likely either No. 24 or No. 27 overall.


If Tampa and Rams lose in the 1st round… it is pick #23.
Trying to be optimistic…


Did the Eagles beat a team with a winning record in 2021?

Only the 9-8 Saints who were without Kamara and were starting Trevor Siemian

2 top 25 picks has a nice ring to it!! Hutch or KT to give us some pass rush then eitherTreylon Burks or Drake London as a #1 WR.

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I could actually see us waiting until the 2nd or 3rd round for WR because the draft is loaded with WR’s. Kind of like we did with St. Brown in the 4th round last year. Hutch for sure @ #2 and then I want an impact linebacker with the Rams pick. The Lions defense lacks a playmaker in the middle badly, someone like Devin Lloyd, but he might be drafted top 15.


If the Rams, Tampa, Dallas, and KC all lose in the first round their pick is 21st.

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I think the Rams would still be 23rd based on SOS… but I not 100% sure either.

Beyond Tampa Bay, where tiebreakers don’t matter, the other two had a higher SOS than LAR.

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