Detroit Lions CB Amani Oruwariye enlists Darius Slay's help vs. Vikings' Justin Jefferson

Not sure if this is subscriber only or not, but sounds like AO’s back
this weekend.


Bastard paywall!


I just figured out how to beat the paywall.

  1. Copy link address
  2. Open Brave or Chrome browser
  3. Open private tab/incognito tab and paste in the link

Reading it now :beers:

Love the fact that AO is reaching out to Slay for this info. Love to see guys doing their homework to make the Lions better. Also good to hear AO say that he’s over the back injury that kept him out last week.


Jefferson absolutely destroyed us last year.


What they used to do is list articles as “subscriber only.” They don’t’t do that anymore if you’re a subscriber, so one cannot tell the difference.z

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