Detroit LIons draft grades per CBSsports

Detroit Lions 2020 draft picks tracker

1 3 CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio State B
2 35 RB D’Andre Swift, Georgia C+
3 67 EDGE Julian Okwara, Notre Dame A-
3 75* G Jonah Jackson, Ohio State A
4 121* G Logan Stenberg, Kentucky D+
5 166* WR Quintez Cephus, Wisconsin B+
5 172* RB Jason Huntley, New Mexico State D+
6 197* DT John Penisini, Utah A-
7 235* DT Jashon Cornell, Ohio State C+

Thats there grades I don’t put stalk in grades how do they give us s low grades when just about everyone said Jeff was best by far CB in the whole draft an most every one says same about Swift an they get a B an C+ I was a Taylor at RB guy but happy with swift.

They give a D when they have know idea about the second RB except he is not a big player.

But its there grade an next grade posted will be different an next after then the wheel goes round an round :grinning:

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And they’re just as meaningless now as they will be three years from now.

The PFF & grades will be much higher, particularly on Swift who was ranked relatively high by both (16 & 23), whereas CBS had him at 43 overall.

Yeah, don’t get those grades…

Both high and low…


I’m thinking this person is drinking. Top corner a B. Swift a C plus. Gotta be thinking they should have drafted other players, but both are very good picks. The Swift one is ridiculous.


I remember winning the draft grading system when Millen was here and we all know how that worked out. Some great picks with some head scratchers mixed in but will give it some time before the grading happens


They give Okudah a C, because he doesn’t have top raw athletic ability, therefore not warranting a top 3 pick. Sorry, but true.
DB’s also have a high washout rate. Fact.
DB’s are also prone to injury.
DB’s also take 2-3 years to get respect in the league, ie - not getting flagged for grabbing, so their first years are rough.

These are all reasons they are less than impressed with the pick at 3 overall - so a C is about right. Tough to hear, but true.


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Right now, B-. I’m a little lost after the guard from Kentucky. All okay players but the RB got me scratching my head, and those last two DL, wtf.

Who gave Okudah a C grade?

Yup- probably a drunk Packer fan who wanted to draft Swift.

Hard to believe you can get a D+ for drafting an all-SEC guard and a C+ for one of the best RBs in the SEC.


False , nonsense …Still waiting for the list of the 5 different, well respected, analysts that feel Okudah is the third most talented DB in this draft. You know the articles you read that consistently ranked him 3rd in a relatively weak year for CB’s…

This weak class? When was the last time 6 CB’s were drafted in the first round? :thinking: You claimed this pre- draft and 6 went off the board in round #1 …does this set off an alarm that maybe you have no understanding of the position and that you clearly can’t evaluate CB talent and it importance?

When the closest comparable to Okudah’s athletic ability is Jalen Ramsey …any attempt to pretend Okudah is not a supreme athlete is a joke at best

“Mr. Nasty” gets a D+…no way. With that nickname alone the grading starts at B+ minimum.


But if the patroits. Did the exact situation and draft they would have said it was the best draft in decades


Also every draft every player every situation is difrent
.i hate when so called experts make blanket statments then grade. Hate to say it but true.

You want a bad grade for the Lions 2020 draft, here’s one from Rotoworld’s THOR NYSTROM:

Detroit Lions Snap Grade: D
Pick Name Position Rk SPARQ RAS Comp Ht Wt
1.3 Jeffrey Okudah CB1 5 ~99 9.56 Marshon Lattimore 6’1 205
2.35 D’Andre Swift RB2 54 59.8 8.22 Dalvin Cook 5’8 212
3.67 Julian Okwara EDGE6 50 — --- Lance Johnstone 6’4 252
3.75 Jonah Jackson iOL13 182 54.5 6.38 Jake Grove 6’3 306
4.121 Logan Stenberg iOL10 157 — --- Oday Oboushi 6’6 317
5.166 Quintez Cephus WR22 163 48.9 4.62 Justin Blackmon 6’1 202
5.172 Jason Huntley RB39 401 — --- Dexter McCluster 5’8 182
6.197 John Penisini DL22 245 — --- Greg Gaines 6’1 318
7.235 Jashon Cornell DL35 404 — --- Youhanna Ghaifan 6’2 287

NYSTROM: “The Okudah pick made sense, of course, and I loved the Okwara and Cephus selections. Outside of that, I didn’t get it. The Lions had too many holes to use a premium pick like 2.35 on a running back … and then they turn around and use a fifth-rounder on (another) receiving back? And then there were the reaches.”

I have a feeling you’ll get it, when Swift starts ripping off 40+ chunks of real estate on the regular.

Did you mean to say “he’ll” as in he will get it?

I thought this was you talking…not you quoting.

Sorry holmes…and YES…you are absolutely correct


I loved the Swift pick. Thought it was a home run.

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