Detroit Lions have a dilemma at QB with Teddy Bridgewater debut coming

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Not much of a dilemma.
Typically teams have a starter, a backup, and a developmental QB.
So here’s the break down.
Goff - Starter
Brigdewater - Backup
Hooker - developmental


Thanks for saving me the typing. Zero dilemma.


I’m just happy that the preseason offense is gonna look smooth.

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What a dilemma. We put one on the PS and one gets cut. Oh my!
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After pre-season game 1, Sudfeld could be out. But there are a couple of more games before that decision has to be made. Sudfeld could play his way into a 3rd QB for the team but he sure didn’t show it last Friday. I like Martinez for the PS.

Goff is the starter. Dilemma solved.


Hooker will be on the NFI list for a decent portion of the season…

so the dilemma boils down to Sudfeld vs. Martinez for the #3 QB job.

With 3 QBs allowed to be active this year… that will change how some teams approach keeping or claiming QBs on the roster.


Keep 2 on the roster. We have too much talent at a few positions to shed them in favor of a 3rd QB on the 53. If we go through JG and Teddy and Martinez and Hooker isn’t ready then Sudfeld will likely be on his couch ready for action. If not… does it really matter?


IR Hooker (Red Shirt Year)

Stash Martinez on the PS for development

Cut Sudfeld. Dilemma solved.


You wanna risk losing Sudfeld and Martinez… Are you crazy? These guys are elite.

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Gotta work on your sarcasm.


league approved lions 3rd qb so if you carry 3 qbs you’re allowed 54 man roster

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That’s not how the rule works. There is a 53 man roster with 46 guys active to play on gameday. In short, there are 7 guys on the overall roster that can’t play in the game that week. The rule still has a 53 man roster, but you can have 47 guys active on gameday as long as the 47th guy is a QB. So its a free active player essentially. But not an addition to the 53 man roster.


Sarcasm? I already bought a Sudafed jersey. Best $250 bucks I ever spent.

Yep, not sure that moves the needle to keep a 3rd QB for many teams.

Would you rather have another special team guy on the 53, or a 2nd clipboard holder?

Wouldn’t matter if both are inactive.

At least the 3rd QB doesn’t hurt your active list.

I think we will keep 3 QB’s.

Interesting Air…I respect your opinion a lot so curious as to why?

If Sudfeld was playing well, it makes sense to me, but hasn’t yet, perhaps he does start killing it soon.

For example, I’m keeping Julian before I keep Sudfeld, just my 2 cents.

I’ll admit I could be wrong but here’s what I think.

The Lions feel they have a competitive team that can win a division. Having good QB depth can mean the difference between winning it or not. Especially when you just need a game manager to not lose you a game. Having a 3rd QB who knows the playbook could be a deciding factor.

The Lions sponsored the 3 QB rule change. Why sponsor it if you don’t believe in the need for it?

Lastly there’s a value to having a 3rd QB on the team on game days and in preparation for the games. He can help study the game, opponents and tendencies. Then help your scout team prepare. But most importantly he’s another voice in your QB room and that has serious value.



I don’t know, maybe because of Hooker?

Agreed but can’t JT Barrett do that for the Lions. And Sudfeld too on the practice squad.

Maybe I’m way off, but I don’t see Sudfeld getting claimed on waivers… I think we get him on the practice squad, but what the heck do I know. haha

Here is my take on it…

…what good does an inactive special teams player do you?

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