Detroit Lions Media Availability: Jan. 5, 2022 | Dan Campbell

Good grief he looks and sounds hungover.
With 3 borderline swear words already, he’s definitely not as in control as normal.

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It’s week 18, he’s the coach of the Lions. He looks and sounds fantastic for this time of year!

Love how he casually lets a “shite” out in a matter of fact way.

This guy is the genuine article in much the same way Del Griffith was, man was that a great movie.

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Sounds like Raymond and Reynolds have a great chance to be back next year.

He also made some interesting comments on Boyle a couple days ago. Might he be grooming Boyle to take over for Goff in 2023?

Perspective, eh?

I’m just saying, his demeanor there is not typical Wednesday. He’s either hung over or someone accidentally spit in his 2nd venti double-shot cup.