Detroit Lions players meet with the media on June 8


I love Gibby!
I think it’s going to be incredibly difficult to pick your favorite lion out of this group by season’s end.

CJG - WOW - His energy reminds me very much of Ben Wallace. He speaks more quickly and in a higher voice, but the level of gravitas to his words…the way he speaks…that dude is NOT …MF’n …KIDDING…at all!!!

He’s gonna be a massive help. One bad MF’r. Joseph improves a ton under his tutelage…(he and Bly). Bly will give them a lot of that too. Bly is “prettier” where CJG is nastier.

I’m loving this whole thing, man.

…enjoy the ride, guys. This is a nice playoff run we are watching…possibly a SB run.

Those who are chalking the KC game up a loss…I promise you…win, lose or draw, we are going to smack the shit out of them on national tv.


Decker is a stud. There ain’t no BS in his game.
CJ just has attitude. Don’t tell him he ain’t the best. He’s just gonna prove you wrong.
Jahmyr is gonna be a good one. Just the way he carries himself. He knows he a boy among men, but, he’s ready to take that step. He’s going to light it up!


One thing Gibbs said was that he was looking to gain a bit of weight between now and training camp. Thought that was kinda interesting, not a lot of time to do that though.

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mixing protein powder into the pizza dough…then…extra cheese, Italian sausage, pepperoni. BEEEFCAKE!!!


excited eric cartman GIF by South Park

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