Detroit Lions should trade Matthew Stafford to Denver Broncos | Opinion


Said this over a week ago… Stafford for Von and Keenum.

12th post

The moment I realize it’s a piece by Carlos Monarrez, I ignore it.


The moment it comes from any media source with the word Detroit in it, I know not to read it. Time you will never get back.

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No they shouldn’t.

If they want to trade Stafford, they should do it in 2020 or 2021, when it’s actually good for our cap and for our trading partner’s cap. We’ll get more back.

This team needs at least another year before they’re competitive.

And if Stafford proves that he can play in a more balanced/run from under center system, then we can keep him. It’s good to have options. (unless, of course, you’re Joey Harrington, then you freeze like a deer in the headlights)

As is tradition!

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One must respect the old ways…

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Monarrez is a pale copy of Drew Sharp. Literally and figuratively.

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Right and then this gem…
“(Stafford) qualifies as one of the top quarterbacks in the league,” Fangio told Chicago reporters. “And I say that because there’s really no one way to play him. When you’ve become a great quarterback, it’s because there is no one way to play it. He’s good against pressure, he’s good against three-man rush, he’s good against different types of coverages. So you just have to mix it up with him.”

Just confirms, I would not trade him.