Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings | Week 9 Game Preview | NFL Playbook

Someone explain to me why I’m confident, but I see a bounce back game for Tabor and Slay, and I can’t imagine our run game falls apart in two consecutive weeks. For me, it comes down to those two things …

Diggs and Theilen are terrifying. The only way we win is by keeping that offense off the field.

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Yeah they aren’t a fun bunch. Running game is key.

I wish I could feel some confidence. I just don’t see it happening. We didn’t have enough offense with Tate. We never had enough defense.
This seasons mini victory will be finishing with a better record than Green Bay.

I think Seattle had one of those games where everything just went right for them. A lot of those passes were contested and his receivers were able to make the play. Detroit needs to run the ball imo and slow down that Viking pass rush. And for the love of god I hope our run defense has improved. Kerryon needs a big game for a win and we have to stay committed to the run. Please no more empty backfields on 3rd and 3.