Detroit Lions Week 6 scouting report: Like it or not, the Packers are for real

Packer fans were thrilled to finally go after several FAs, and rightfully so.

Establish the run, and use our TEs in the passing game… Slow the rush and open up those deep shots.

Yeah, they really have turned it around on that side of the ball so far. I thought our D was going to take a large step forward as well, but I have been a touch disappointed. We need to get more out of Davis, Snacks and Flowers, and once Slay and Hand rejoin the D, it should tick up a bit more as well.

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They’ve been very opportunistic on take-ways and they have been good at pressuring QB’s and forcing them to make mistakes.

Their biggest weakness (on defense) is their inability to stop the run. If we can run on them and protect the ball than we will likely win. If we turn it over and are forced to win off an air game then it could get ugly. I think on offense we can outperform them if we play balanced football. GB has a good team. I’d like to beat them 3 times this year to put our streak a 7 straight wins … lol


oh but the Packers were never real before?? everybody knows if we turn it over , don’t get enough pressure on Rogers, or…get nailed by too many penalties our chances of winning become next to nothing. they may have gotten better players, so did we… you want the Lions to be scared of all their opponents/ The Cowardly Lions ??

sorry but F that , it’s about time the start acting like Lions and get a killer instinct !


I predict we will be dropping more guys in coverage again for this game, so hopefully the D-line can get the pressure we need to rattle Rodgers

Just posted the article for discussion purposes. That being said…

The Packers are better on defense than they have been in awhile, they’re playing at home, and are 4-1. Afraid? Of course not. Respect? Yes. As a wise one once said “to be ‘The Man’ you’ve got to beat ‘The Man.’”

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Amen wolf. Why is it always WE have tho deal with what THEY did? We also added talent. Our loss is “better” than theirs. Our tie sux lol.
They looked great vs Dallas and still almost let them get right back into it. They haven’t looked dominant in any other game. … at any point really. At least we have looked it for parts of games. We definitely have our work cut out for us and will have to play good to win, but guess what? They’ll have too also. They don’t get to just show up and automatically get the win

Haven’t bought into the Packers and I simply don’t believe in their HC. Patricia will likely scheme up something to stop their offense. There’s always some Aaron Rodgers magic we have to contend with but if we control that I think we handle them.

Newsflash: The Packers are always relevant as long as they have Rodgers.


After watching that Dallas game I thought the Cowboys moved the ball up and down the field on them with ease but shot themselves in the foot. I came away with the opinion that the Cowboys secondary is complete trash. I’m drinking the kool aid this week and think the Lions come away from this game with a big road win.

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Another review of the Packers D:

Have they said who the commentators will be? Cuz I’m probably gonna lose my shit if Joe Buck does the game.


Its a Monday Night game


agree, but we have seen how much he needs and relies on refs and calls if anyone rattles him, he wants a flag. we see how rattled he can get if you pressure him in game, then he slips up…like the majority of QB’s. we beat Green Bay and with a sloppier/lesser team than we have right now.
We have a fairly rested team after our bye…and returning players. we have had extra time to prepare for them, IMO, Matt Stafford has bettered himself under Bevell and have the ability to run in 2019. Our defense will be getting tighter, Matt Patricia is a second-year HC and has been gaining trust amongst fans.

The team has a no quit mindset and a bit of an edgy attitude, this doesn’t seem like the Same Old Lions . Aaron Rogers is a good QB of that, there is no question.
you don’t let him stand back there and pick you apart, you get after him and he’s vulnerable.

I say our own worst enemy here are both penalties and officials, because the two teams ARE evenly matched otherwise.
I don’t see The Pack just owning us this game.

Like it or not, the Lions have to prove they are for real. To me, that means:

  1. Beating good teams, especially on the road. They did that in Philly, but one and done doesn’t cut it.

  2. Beat your division rivals more than they beat you.

--------2a. Win the freakin’ North.

  1. Make the playoffs more than not.

  2. Win playoff games. One and done doesn’t cut it here either. But just get me the 1st one, okay?

It’s about consistency. 10-6 followed by 6-10 doesn’t cut it. I know, shit happens, injuries and such, but a for real team is damn near always in the hunt and overcomes injuries and officials. Sometimes.


The Lions need to fight for a home playoff game (or dare we say it, a first round bye).


Hey Wise I agree but …

Something to think about.

  1. They have been beating good teams on the road but not consistently. That is why having a run game is so important. You can’t constantly win without one.

  2. Heading into last season (dating back 5 seasons) The Lions had the best record in the NFCN. Meaning over 5 years they were beating their divisional rivals more than anyone else in the division. It’s a bit surprising they couldn’t win the division. I’m not sure where that stat was at the end of last season.

The rest start with a divisional win. Winning the division will greatly increase their odds to accomplish the rest. It’s difficult to win games in December without a decent run game. I think that’s been BQ’s main focus since he got here. I think that’s why we drafted TJ this year. Why we’ve been focusing on adding WR’s who can block like Amendola.

I have a feeling next years draft will have an OG in it and I wouldn’t be shocked if we add a power RB

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I think I read that Joe Buck is gonna show and do the game for free just so he can moan “Aaron Rodgers” 50 times


Lions get the worst colour guy in sports. Booger McFarland. Why ESPN doesn’t have a better colour guy is beyond me. They are a joke of a network.

I will enjoy listening to the radio Monday night broadcasts with Kurt Warner and Kevin Harlan. They are about a 9.5 on a scale of 10 of excellence and Booger and play by play guy (mediocre at best) are about a 2.