Detroits Defense vs 2022 Playoff teams

So i have been worried about the defense. Especially once the Lions get to the playoffs HOWEVER. Its not far off its not a huge margin.

This is the Lions Defense vs the top 6 teams last year.

So based on those stats. Lions sure up the redzone defense and force one TD to a FG per game. Thats better than most teams last year.

Rushing is elite.
Passing is average for playoff teams

Numbers are purty, who have they played to get those numbers tells the real story.

4 high powered Offenses this year.
Kc, Baltimore, Seattle and Chargers.

That’s pretty average for most teams.

Point is. The margin is close across the board.

Points per game.
Top 4 are elite. (Under 18.5)
Average is 5-20 (20-22)
Below average 21-27 (23-25)
Trash 28-32 (36+)

So if the lions can get the points per game allowed down to under 22. Thats playoff level.

Yards per game is above playoff team average.

The defense is regressing right now
Last 4 games have not been good

Let’s revisit this at the end of the season and then See how we feel

And the trajectory. Sh!t’s going the wrong way. Though it’s a long season and to some extent I do believe we can fix it.

Are you last two posters the same person? D looked good against the bears after the first drive. Only allowing 10 points on 4 turnovers is pretty good and they survived 40 minutes on the field.


If there were fewer turn overs that game would look completely different and we would feel better.