Devante Adams injury

Early indications are grade 1 turf toe. Expected to miss up to 3 weeks. They’ll know more in next day or two. Are we catching terry another injury break?

Turf Toe injuries are nagging. I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays on it vs the Lions. But it’s one of those injuries that can linger a long time. It could hurt his ability to run crisp routes. Adams is good and winning contested Balls. So he can still be a force for them. Don’t be shocked if he plays but they limit his routes to more verticle routes. Like Slants, posts and go routes.

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I think “turf toe” is one of the worst names for a serious injury. If I recall, “turf toe” was the only thing that kept Barry Sanders out of games. I think Deion had it and missed time as well.

I guess we’ll know more as this develops. At the very least he’s not going to be able to practice much. I’ll call it right now. If Adams misses the game vs us the Packers don’t stand a chance.

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Multi week absence. This guy is usually right on the money. Lions catching another break…

Nice find iggy. I love listening to him on nfl radio. He tells you things about injuries the team won’t. He can analyze it just by what he sees and how the team drs react. And you are correct, he almost always is right on

Adams has 18 days to get that toe ready. He will play.

But will he be 100%? Probably not.

And it really, really hurts their chances vs. the Cowboys. So they’ll most likely be 3-2 when we meet them.

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I had a severe turf toe injury 20 years ago. Still hurts today when the weather gets really cold. When it happened it was over the top painful for like a month. He’ll play against us but he won’t be 100%. Just my opinion of course. The Monday night game is going to be huge as the Packers will likely be staring 3-3 in the face. Though they have Oakland after that they then go on a murderous five game stretch.

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