Developing a backup QB - Jamie Newman QB Georgia

The chances of hitting on a later round QB to become your starter isn’t very good but developing them to be cheap backup QB’s is more realistic.

I like Jamie Newman from Wake Forest who later transferred to Georgia. Big kid who can run. 6’4"- 230lbs. Was considered a dual-threat QB by Rivals. Pretty good arm, has to work on his accuracy and footwork.

I like Newman a lot later in the draft as a backup. Daniel hit his ceiling and isn’t cheap (6M or 7M salary). But I could see Newman rise after his workouts. His highlights look great, but he has some inconsistent play in most games.

We’ve heard about Holmes and his plan/ideas, I think it involves trading back so they have more to work with, that could bring a new backup QB into play.

Ah yes, Lions fan’s favorite strategy that never happens

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If you want to take a QB later in the draft then you might consider Davis Mills from Stanford. He is not rated in the top tier of QBs but he was injured and played behind a long time starter and finished off his career on a winning streak.
He has another year to play if he wanted but he has declared himself early. Anytime you get a younger player he has time to develop.
He won’t start for a while but he would be a good understudy to whoever is the QB.

Your chances of developing an UDFA are about the same as taking a QB late in the draft, and if we were to take a QB in this draft it has to be late.

Are we talking about taking a college backup QB and making him our backup QB?

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I think if you look at a list of all the backup QB’s, you’ll find most of them were drafted, there’s a few that are udfa’s.


yes you want someone used to the position. how many people here would gladly take the salary of a backup qb? :slight_smile:

Yes, but we need to find a potential starter and not a potential backup, and almost every one of those guys was drafted to start right away.

His pencil on his clip board is sharp!

Starters are gotten in round 1 typically.

I would 1. Released Chase Daniel
(Saved: $2,300,000)

The other one is cheap an like many say if one is passed on during draft or even released by a team take a look but go cheap to start.

Plan like your looking for Matts backup an if ya get lucky could be his replacement. But unless Lions get offered a super good deal Matt will stay couple years.

Now how much will Colts offer for pick 7 or even Matt . I doubt they offer enough for Matt but they could for pick 7

how about this years rd 1 an rd2 an next years rd 1 an one of there young WR’s for pick 7 like Pittman or Campbell

The Lions need a guy in the 4th or 5th round that needs some work and some time, but has the foundation of physical abilities to develop. The Lions do not need a starter, but could use a guy who is developing with real upside. He can be trade bait if he develops in 3 years or our new QB if Stafford went down. Picking a QB in round one is a huge waste for people to realize the new kid is light years from Stafford in what he brings to the game.

How many 4th or 5th round QB’s have been developed and traded?

There have been several guys who had some success like Cousins, Brady, Brunell… If a team is good at developing QB’s it is very profitable in the NFL. Green Bay used to make this work as did NE for a while.

How many of those guys weren’t first round picks? Check out this stat…" Now seven years removed from his career-defining Making the Leap piece, Daniel is still waiting to break out. He’s made over $37 million in career earnings for five starts, which has to be one of the best ratios of cash-to-playing time in NFL history."

Those examples are about 1 QB in every 10 years or so, that’s not a good % to throw picks at hoping to strike gold.
Again, draft them to be a cheap backup and save from paying a slug like Daniels 4-5 million to hold a clipboard.
Does anyone really feel like we can win with Daniels anyways?..uh, no.

Daniels has a great gig…and he’s not even as good as Shaun Hill.
Quinn let Glasgow go to save money and then spent 4-5 milllion a year on Daniels and even more on Vaitai.

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I just mentioned a few off the top of my head. Yes it is a long shot compared to taking Matt at #1OA, but you are not going to find another Stafford in this draft no matter where you are picking. The point is that you want a guy to develop, but you do not want to waste lots of resources when you have a QB like Stafford. Those that think another guy is going to “push” him is idiocy. Fans don’t realize how special a talent he is and how much of a difference there is between his throwing ability and most anyone else outside of Rodgers and maybe Mahomes.