Devin McCourty almost came to Detroit. 😂

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I can’t wait till we trade for Andre Tippett


I can’t wait till we almost get Pat Mahomes.

I’ll go full chub if we almost get Aaron Donald.


Care? A lot of players go through this

now Patricia is going to have to fight for every ex Patriot. Apparently, there’s a guy coaching in Miami who’s just as unoriginal as he is.


We did almost have Donald. But Mayhew decided he wanted to buy stock in Enron instead.


Lol. Here’s the kicker… Mayhew was much better than Quinn.

Here’s a good measuring stick… Let’s see if Ebron is more productive than Jesse James this upcoming season…

Depends on his targets. He may have - high TD total, but he’s never going to block, and he’s going to be in the top 3 for drops(assuming he doesn’t have limp wrists and end the season on IR)

hell no it doesn’t , James is a waste here that does next to nothing, Ebron actually gets used far more and right now on the other team, is better than James.

only shot he has is if Hock doesn’t play and James gets way more play time.