Devon Witherspoon…

Devon Witherspoon seems pretty rock solid that he will be the pick (based on the National Media). I have bit my tongue for a while now, hoping he wouldn’t be our selection but it looks like I need to swallow my thoughts are try to get excited for it.

I have broke down quite a bit of his games and he is a nice cornerback. Everyone that talks about him says literally the same stuff, aggressive and instinctual. A bit under sized but makes up for it with his aggressive play. When I watch him play, I see a system CB that played on a great defense and could take lots of chances. Had nice safeties that helped him when he got beat. He was very chirpy and handsy with WR’s that he played against. Saw at least 6 times he got burnt but QB couldn’t get the WR the ball. I haven’t seen any film of him against top WR’s. Dotson was the only legit WR I saw him face and Dotson got the best of him, at least from what I saw. An unsized CB that has good but not elite measurements in the top 10 just doesn’t do it for me. I would honestly rather take an offensive lineman or defensive end in the Top 10. Heck, if we truly believe we are a playoff team, we won’t be picking in the top 10 for a long time, I wouldn’t be opposed to snagging a QB either.

Maybe I am burnt out on taking CB’s this early in the draft but this pick just feels sooo underwhelming for me. Does he even start in 2023?!? Sorry for the rant but I am hoping some folks here can talk me into liking the pick.

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He was a good pick when I mocked him at 18 for us in my 1.0

No CB is worth top 10 pick in this draft

Go back to the trenches, again.

— Jman


Agreed. I would be pumped if he was the 18th pick but 6th is just too soon for me. You can get same type players at pick 18.

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I like his aggressiveness but I don’t like the fact that Reed made him his bitch.

I get it’s just one play, but … yeah, I have some of the same concerns.

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Don’t sweat it brother, Holmes knows better. He has never taken a DB before rd 3 in his previous 2 drafts and don’t suspect he will this year either with all the depth at CB in this draft,

I could maybe see him taking one at 18 but not at 6……

Trenches at 6!


w.o.r. d.

…or Bijan

@Jman When we get our roster built out, Coach Dan will be taking 'em to the torture chambers every Sunday, bro! It’s already started.


Not my first pick, but if he’s that high on Brad’s board, I’m not arguing. I don’t think Brad will do it, but for kicks here is how I’ll try to talk you into liking it.

He won’t be a starter, but he’ll play. And who the heck doesn’t love a tough, aggressive CB who is a ball-hawk and not scared of contact learning behind (and in the same room with) Sutton, Moseley, CJGJ, Walker, Jacobs, Kerby. Plus Bly and AG. Not just on the field but off it… that’s a fine way for a cub to be raised by a pride of lions.


as i have stated a couple times

i have no ■■■■■■■ clue who we are picking but

I trust Brad, he will make the right pick at the end of the day no matter what it is (Even if its QB, with Dorsey in the room)


:muscle: :fire:

Agree w/all of this.
Some say → if we go QB, it’s a total waste, cuz he wont help the team & won’t play this year. …then they want a CB.

I agree w/you → a CB ain’t starting this year, unless there’s an injury.

I’m with @Jman …let’s continue to build the trenches, unless they really think Bijan is worth it at 6

I’m with you in completely trusting our bald guy

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One of the things that concerns me is his penchant for taunting. If you pull up his highlight reels, it’s not a bug. It’s a feature. Just a ton of standing over guys after making the play with a “yeah mfer.” Which wouldn’t be a problem if the NFL was ok with it. They aren’t. Mark my words, IF we take him, he’s good for at least 3 unsportsmanlike conduct 15 yard freebies. That said, I do not think he was a “system CB.” He’s a stud. I just don’t know if he’s a 6OA type stud. Would much rather TD if we are going CB. In my final mock for us I had Carter falling to us at 6 and I took Torrence, the plug and play starting RG for us with 1B. Both sides of our lines would be dominant forces out of the gate. Came back with Forbes in the 2nd as our CB pick.

Vegas has Spoon -180 for Detroit Lions
Carter -250 for Seahawks

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The interesting thing that I find in different mock scenarios, is that yes, Witherspoon is a glove fit for our culture and what we do, but if we trade down, he’s still there most of the time.

I think he’s somewhat overvalued because he fits here, that fit doesn’t necessarily make him a lock on other teams boards. If he is the pick, so be it, because I do think he fits, but if they get more ammo and get him, that’ll be awesome :ok_hand:

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Who? Anderson a 250 OLB who will get eaten up by TE and OT at this level if he plays DE consistently. He needs to go to a 3-4 team or a team that plays the wide 9

Wilson with the foot concern that looks like he will miss time in camp?

Skornowski or however you spell it? A guard has only been drafted at 6 once in the history of the league

Carter, IMO he is not even up for consideration as I don’t believe he is even on their board.

I think people are going to be shocked when the pick is announced


Great insight, bro.
Officials let him get away with it for the first half…so we get a “sense of how the game is being officiated”…then BOOM…first time Goodell’s goons see the chance to slap our face for a critical first down, flags fly.

Cowboys or Packers would view it as a good thing, if they were selecting him…to them it’s just aggressive.

All great points.
We may go QB or trade back with a team that intends to.

I’m all in on Witherspoon if that’s who we go with. Carter as well but just don’t think he will be available.

If i was after year one impact i would say i prefer jsn/bijan or a trench guy… if they believe witherspoon/gonzo provide better long term value i defer to them but it feels like we could be so close to making noise even this season. Now if they went qb in stroud or richardson that would be a curveball i wouldnt expect but it would feel like a whole new window opening up if we hit on the player, just the nature of hope a rookie qb can bring to the future in the days of the rookie wage scale…

Not sure holmes could make a choice i wouldnt “understand” but i may be less enthusiastic about some positions if we stay at 6.

I want a D-line pick at 6 but I expect all of Anderson, Carter and Wilson to be gone by 6 so I’m resigned to Witherspoon being the pick.
The rumors are that a few of the teams in the top 5 are really high on Witherspoon so maybe there’s an outside chance he’s gone by 6.

I like Witherspoon but I don’t see elite upside and with corner being arguably the deepest position in this class, I’d be a bit disappointed if they took one high but I think that’s the play here. I’d even say that Witherspoon gets taken over Carter if Carter is sitting there. I just hope that Holmes would have the sense to trade down in that case (Philly anyone?).

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Here’s my thing with Witherspoon. His recognition and instincts were his super power in college. Dude has made his break before the QB even winds up some of the time. Is that same level of play recognition going to travel to the big leagues where the offensive minds and play disguise are many thresholds higher? If not then I think he disappoints as a #6oa pick. If it does carry over then we’re talking about an elite guy provided he stays healthy.

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He also had a great supporting cast (ie Kerby Joesph) that allowed him to sit on breaks. The other thing that worries me is many of his tackles were him just trying to hit the knock out shot with zero wrap up. Guys that weigh 185 won’t be around long if they are trying to knock out NFL dudes.