Devonta Smith, J'amarr Chase or Jaylen Waddle?

Just curious about everyone’s opinion on who the strongest WR of the class is this year, seeing as the lions could take one of them at 7. I’m kinda torn on whether they should use a first on a wideout with so many defensive holes to fill, but that’s why they call it a rebuild. Also curious to see what you all think about some of the later reciever options in the draft.

For me it’s 1:) Smith 2:) Chase 3:) Waddle


I think if Detroit stays at #7 they take whichever of Smith/Chase that is left to us.


Devonta Smith, all day. That cat is Jerry Rice special. I would take that '23 first rounder we just got from the Rams and our 7th this year and trade up to get him. Even if I was only moving to 6th. I don’t care. Whoever gets Smith, gets a 20 year all-pro. But let me stop before I become hyperbolic.


I go Waddle, Smith, Chase. Waddle was absolutely killing it before the injury and likely wins the Heisman. He’s like Tyreek Hill to me, and Smith while not as fast is still a monster.

I love all 3 of these guys and will gladly take any one of these guys providing they show up to be in shape and sharp on their pro days.

  1. Devonta Smith - I think he’s the best route runner out of the 3. I’m a big fan of great route running and he’s got breakaway speed as well(not quite like Waddle, but he’s got speed),
  2. Ja’Marr Chase - Big, strong, and also a good route runner. Best reciever out of the press. Can easily be #1, but I need to see what he looks like at his pro day since he hasn’t played for a year.
  3. Jaylen Waddle - Fast, game breaking reciever. The comparison’s to Tyreek Hill are justifiable. He’s also a pretty good route runner, but he’s also physical and can win jump balls.

I don’t know I like all 3.

Chase and it’s not even close. Physically more imposing, and a great route runner.

Dominated the SEC more than the other two did. I put waddle ahead of smith. I honestly would be happy with any 3, but would rather build around Chase if we go that route.


Chase is the Best WR in the class if we rate off highest ceiling. Could be Julio Jones 2.0.

Best fit for the Lions is Smith or Waddle. Speed, and Speed. Every NFL offense wants it.

Give me a tag on Golladay, a 2nd year Cephus…with a little sugar rush of speed at #7 overall.

It brings that pre-snap motion to the offense. The formation shifts and quick screens and reverses. The respect from the opponents secondary of being burned over the top at any given moment.

Swift out of the backfield. Hockenson roaming the middle, Golladay demanded double coverage on the outside. What are we missing?..Speed at WR. Go get it Holmes!


I wonder if Holmes is ‘bold’ enough to keep 7 and trade up to take not one, but two of those top three recievers. A spoil of riches at the reciever spot would be a great starting point for the rebuild. Honestly though, I’d be completely happy with just one of them. If any of them start sliding, a trade would be solid too. Wouldn’t count out trading into the end of the first to get kadarious toney either.

Chase he is bigger like over 200 pounds an just as fast as smith. They all seem good i would rate Chase as the highest

If Stafford were still here and we needed a slot to complement KG and Jones, I’d go with Waddle. And if KG walked while keeping Stafford I would go with Chase. Now that we have Goff, and likely no KG or Jones, I would go with Smith if I had to choose between those three. But I’m not convinced they will go WR in the first.

Matt Millen is that you?


Smith - frame is worrisome

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Chase I think has the higher ceiling, but he didn’t dominate the SEC more then Smith did this year.

Edit: I’ll say this it was pretty close what Chase did last year and what Smith did this year so maybe he had a slightly better year then Smith, but it’s not by much.

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If we’re strictly talking about ability… For me, it’s Smith, Chase, Waddle… When I factor in likelihood of staying healthy and having a long career, it’s Chase, Waddle, Smith. For the offense I think the Lions are looking to run, Smith fits the mold of what they need… I see him as a more explosive Michael Thomas (obviously quite a bit smaller). Chase I see as a DeAndre Hopkins type, great at keeping his body clean and winning contested catches. Waddle is faaaaast, about as fast as Ruggs, but I’m not taking a 5’10 WR in the top half of the first round :man_shrugging:t2:

So no Odell Beckham?

Beckham is over 5’11 :sunglasses: and he has a ridiculous wing span… Speaking of wingspans, Aiyuk is a freak, he has an 81 inch wingspan at just under six feet tall… Unreal

How big do people think the drop off is from these three to the next tier of WRs in the draft? The likes of Rondale Moore, Bateman, Toney etc?

Surely if this is a medium term rebuild and this is seen as a draft class with a lot of high end receiving talent then dropping down from 7 to the late teens or early 20s to get another first rounder next year and additional picks in this draft is a strategy which should be explored. I’d be very happy with Rondale Moore, an additional second and fifth round pick this year and another first rounder next year if we were to trade out from seven with the likes of the WFT, Colts, Steelers etc who may want to move up.

There’s a drop off, I think there are plenty of starting caliber WRs in this draft… But there are only 2 (Smith, Chase) that are elite talents at the position. They’re both Ferraris, the rest are Corvettes

The answer before every draft will always be “HUGE!” It always looks like there is a huge gap between the top few guys and the rest of the field. I fall for it too. To calm myself down I try to remember the 2014 class. Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans looked head and shoulders above the rest of the class. Beckham was seen as an explosive slot guy who couldn’t be a #1…then there was everybody else who were talked about like a bunch of also-rans. Of course the 2nd round of that draft produced Devonte Adams, Jarvis Landry and Allen Robinson.

The 2014 class is just an easy one for me to remember the specifics so that’s the one I use to calm me down and give me perspective. Its not isolated and it happens in most years.

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