Dez Ruptured His Achilles

Not Lions related, but I thought it was conversation worthy. Talk about bad luck, obviously not being signed before now is mostly a product of his own issues, but to finally get someone to bet on you and then blow out your Achilles? That’s rough.

That really sucks for him. Trying to get back in game shape after sitting out so long is tough. I’m sure he worked out and all, but you can’t replicate the intensity of competing against pro players outside of an active roster. Hopefully he will heal up well.

Yeah, this one is a tough break.

Granted, its douchey Dez Bryant, but I still hate to see that, especially since he really was waiting for the right opportunity.

Does he even get a look from someone next year, or is this it for him?

I have an honest feeling that we’ve seen the last of Dez in this league. Maybe he can recover in time to be a star name in the XFL?

That was my thought as well… Took him this long to even get signed and now a major injury. I think this is it for good old Dez.

Granted, he could have signed with Baltimore pretty early on.

One of the few times a guy turns down extra $$ in lieu of ensuring that it’s a good fit – and karma smacks the sh!t out of him. Feelsbadman.

Ahole Karma gonna gitcha!

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At least that’s the hope, 0.0000001% of the time.

Sorry, Dez.

Players that hold out often get injured more easily… so it seems anyway.

This makes me wonder about Bell when he comes back. Will he take it easy to start?

Hmm, good question about Bell. On one hand, any injury this late in the year will greatly harm his value for 2019. On the other, he needs to play like the Le’Veon Bell everyone remembers in order to get the kind of contract he wants. I personally would say he should play conservatively and try for a decent 1 year deal with a new team. Then you go balls out and play for the big contract in 2020, or at least the biggest he can get. For a variety of reasons Bell will probably never get the giant contract that many elite backs get. If he could parlay the next season and a half into, say, 3 years and $40mil? That would take a lot of the sting out of his current situation.

I seriously doubt Bell will get more than what Pit offered him. His value goes down every week Connors plays well. Someone gave him very bad advice.