Did BOB Quinn select correctly?

Wondering if you guys think Quinn did the right thing taking swift over taylor?

I was a big supporter of taylor…even with a trade down and taking him in round 1. 3 down rb…

That not I dont think swift is a good player

Is it a toss up?

Swift is much more handsome! I’m going with Swift!


I wanted Taylor. Swift is ok but I think JT is better.

I wanted Dobbins.

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I was shocked when he fell into our lap. Yes, loved the pick.

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Super-excited to see what he looks like when we get some help.

I was in the Taylor camp. He just seemed like the complete package with speed and size. But I also liked Swift and Dobbins. I was shocked that ceh went before any if them little lone first rb


I loved Taylor. Even in mid-round 1. I was shocked when he fell. He has size, speed, runs physical. Loved the guys. I have been happy with Swift this season though and he may become the better player between the 2 over time. But I saw Taylor as a HoF potential runner. 3 down beast


I’m going to set the bar low here and say I’m happy we have at least one 2nd round pick on the roster that’s healthy, not a headcase, productive, and doesn’t suck. Last time we had a guy that fit that description, Quinn traded him to Philadelphia.


I was huge on both Swift and Taylor but Swift was my preferred option for our offense at the time. With Stafford and how much we used the RB in our receiving game Swift made more sense.

Taylor was always the better runner between the tackles but not the most versatile weapon. We needed more of a finesse player.

At the time Swift was the right pick. Truth is we need to get him more involved. He’s a stud.



There were a ton of people in your camp.

I was in the Swift and Taylor camps.

There weren’t many with me in the Taylor camp.

@Tcmouse was another poster I recall in the Taylor camp.

The knock by those against Taylor was his fumbles and his mileage. He was used heavily in college. I personally disagreed with those concerns.

See this thread about it.

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Taylor was barely injured in college. To some, it’s a detriment to be a Frank Gore?

I was for Taylor. As most know, I want a dominant running game. Swift and CEH was a close 2nd. I would have been happy with any of the three. We needed a RB badly.

Honestly it was a win/win for Quinn

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The big question with Taylor was the amount of carries he had in college.

Having said that, I am happy with Swift but Taylor has exceeded most expectations so far.


I liked the Swift pick… and would have liked Taylor too at that time.

I saw positives for each pick.


Hard to not have a little buyer’s remorse… but still happy with Swift.


We need to upgrade the OL…make it ELITE

Craig Reynolds was top ranked RB last week

Ragnow will back next year.

Decker… Jackson… Ragnow… Vaitai… Sewell

with Evan Brown and Nelson as backups is a good looking O line… and all are young enough to still be improving!!!


I for one wanted JT, but I like swift a lot.