Did Brad Holmes mess up with Jamo, and Gibbs?

Hi all. First time posting. I ask this question because of the opinions I see about Jamo, and Gibbs, and their positions.

I see a lot of talk about hoping Jamo is as good, or better than Chark. I see a lot of talk about hoping Gibbs is better than Swift. I’m a little blown away by this.

Jamo was the 12th overall pick. He was graded as a top 10 player, and possibly the first WR chosen if it wasn’t for his ACL injury. Plus Brad made a big trade up.

Gibbs was also the 12th overall pick. For a RB to go 12th overall in today’s NFL is a very big deal. He has to be something special.

12th overall pick is just outside the top 10. That is franchise player territory. With Jamo you add the big trade up. So Chark should be no where near this conversation. Justine Jefferson, and Devante Adams should be in the conversation.

With Gibbs, again, a RB picked 12th. Plus they already signed a RB to a big 3 year deal. Swift should be nowhere near this conversation. CMAC should be in this conversation.

Imagine a QB, CB, DT, or edge was picked 12th overall. Plus witth the trade (Jamo), and RB value, and RB signing (Gibbs). Shouldn’t we expect them to be franchise players?

It seems a lot of fans would agree that perhaps BH messed up. I would say that they would be major busts if they don’t live up to these expectations.



I’m trusting Brad on this


Expect it a big word. About 30% of top 15 players approach their expectations of draft status. Sure we hope they are all pros. But the reality is that if Brad hits on both of them, along with the rest of his picks already exceeding expectations, we might as well fit him for a gold jacket now.


You’re right. I’d change that word to hope. But it’s still the same situation. 12th overall pick is very high. Plus, the added trade up, etc. I’m just seeing a lot of fans lowering the bar.


Firstly, welcome to the board. You found the best fan site on the planet.

Secondly, I think you may be confusing “expectations” and “high hopes”. Those two things are entirely different.

Jamo and his “expectations” have one catch and one run in the NFL. Gibbs and his “expectations” have never played a down in the NFL.

As an example in your post, that’s why Chark is in the conversation. He was out for a bit just like Jamo. When both came back, it was clear by the end of the season that Goff and Chark were clicking. Goff and Jamo were not.

“high hopes” are where most are but nobody is ready to hand out MVP awards to two people who have really done all of jack and shit in the league. If there was a game tomorrow, I’d take ASB, MJJ, Kalif, Reynolds, Montgomery and Wright before I took Jamo, Gibbs and LaPorta to suit up.

Now in six months that might be different. But no cart before the horse on my end.

Therefore, I don’t think Brad messed up because I trust him. But this is a ‘time-will-tell’ situation. Way too early to judge or second guess in my opinion.


I agree a lot with some of the things you’re saying. I’m not bashing these picks at all. For me, I’m extremely excited about these players. Because I do have those “hopes” or even “expectations”. I’m disagreeing with a lot of fans. For me it’s like “Chark?!?! This guy was the 12th pick! Have you seen how fast he is?!” and I could same something similar about Gibbs.

We can’t judge Gibbs or really even Jamo lets try an guess what they may become after really they both play pro game.

Gibbs has not taken a pro snap an Jamo really has not taken many either.

If both are just solid pros i will be happy an they will both help Lions stay near top as a team a long time. The better they are the better are chances of winning.


And thank you! I’m happy to be here!

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I guess I’m just curious where you’re seeing this. Most on this board are very excited for Gibbs, and most of us #1. Want to smack Jamo in the head for violating a stupid rule, but #2 then pat him on the back and tell him to go shock the world.

I’m here quite a bit and I just don’t recall seeing a lot of hate on either guy. Questions? Sure, but that’s what we do here. Hate? Not sure there’s much of it here.

Is someone pounding the drum against either player that I’m not aware of?

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LOL at some of the things you said. I guess I’m seeing it more on reddit. No one is bashing the players, and neither am I. I just see low expectations. It’s unfair to judge Jamo right now. And like some of you said, Gibbs hasn’t even played yet. No one knows how good they’ll be. But my excitment, and expectations are very high like I said. Maybe I should poke some reddit people LOL.


FAR better. Imagine if Swift was healthy (available), but faster and much more relentless.

Correct. Wait’n’ see, Bro.

What have I seen from Holmes that screams “Untrustworthy”?

What about “healthy Swift?” Game changer for sure, but Gibby is still much more impactful.

This formula feels like every team should have 5 or 6 franchise players minimum, by this formula. top 12 players every year means damn near half the league gets another franchise player every year! It just doesn’t work that way.

Imagine we got first/second round talent in late rounds
Oh, wait…we did
Ra, Kerby, Houston…this year’s guys…TBD
Then look at the draft picks that have worked out.
Now, consider the “experts,” whose advice those who panic follow…how have their picks panned out. Just pick your fav draft prognosticator and compare his picks to Brad’s.

Then…Ask yourself…At what point should I start trusting Brad more than the “experts” who know 1/5th what Holmes knows.

The only way Gibby could ever fail is to be hurt. He’s easily one of the biggest impact players in this draft.

The best of the best miss sometimes. Even if these guys were big misses, look at teh entire body of work. I feel pretty elated we have Sir Bradley Holmes in charge of the show.


So that’s why they/them dances so much.

Welcome to the board btw. Or to posting at least. :beers:

All of this. :clap:

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We are in very good hands, brother! Loving our bald guy. I think the fans will be so in love with Gibby after this season…especially when JaMoss comes back to take the lid off of the defense.

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Jameson will go down as Holmes worst pick of his career. But he’s been near elite at the draft otherwise, to date. He should, and likely will, survive this blunder if he continues to draft impact players at an 80% clip. By week 10 we fans will be wishing they’d just release him.

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That seems… like a little bit of a stretch. And maybe not even a bit. Like a full on stretch.

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Yeah… I don’t get it.

Jamo had 3 different plays last year that showed he has a gear very few NFL players have.

Small sample size… sure… but that speed was undeniable.

That’s game changing speed… and he is just a young dude learning the nuances of being a pro. ARSB will get him moving in the right direction!


Screw that, ARSB will bring Dad in, and then it’s really over.


Interesting choice of words
I think you can say a player was drafted high (12)
But ii don’t think it’s right to say PLUS the trade up

They picked 12th — the trade is not additive to that