Did Patricia really say that?

The Lions are 2-0-1, and they’re not beating themselves. They looked like the same old Leos after blowing a big lead and tying Arizona in Week 1. But then they’ve had physical wins over the Chargers and Eagles, two returning final-eight teams from last year, and strong Super Bowl hopefuls this year. At Philly, Matthew Stafford didn’t turn it over and he wasn’t sacked—and that’s a rare daily double for him. “Welcome to the NFL—this is what it feels like,” coach Matt Patricia told his team post-game. Very interesting matchup Sunday in Detroit: Chiefs-Lions, combined 5-0-1, in a surprisingly interesting game.

I am not sure what your issue is with this but I wouldn’t put a ton of stock into what is said in a post game celebration speech. The emotions are so high at that point.

Last week he said the Chargers were a good team but we were better. We won that game but you could argue whether we were better😁


Weren’t the Lions in the NFL last year when he was head coach? An odd, funny/sad thing to say.

Perhaps he was saying it to the rookies…? Or maybe it was just a coach talking about the level of effort needed to win in the NFL? Idk I don’t see it as a big deal one way or the other.


That could be.

The team seemed pumped and hyped about it so idc what anyone here or media bashes about it. He’s trying to change a half century of crap atmosphere and expectations in this organization. You watch him interact on the sidelines and in these situations and as much as his haters want him to fail, this team is starting to trust him, buy in, and build momentum

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The sad part is he’s kinda right.


This! MP was being a honest coach telling grown men the truth and it was all positive imho!!

If they want to keep feeling it; they got to keep doing it and getting better rack week at doing it!!

“Welcome to the NFL men, this is what it feels like. We beat anybody, any day, any time. I don’t care where they want to play.”

Watch that video boys. If you have a problem with Matty P after that, I don’t know what to say.


It is basically a saying…like “that’s life in the NFL…you got to fight every game and any given Sunday yada yada yada”


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We’ll beat em any place they want to play, parking lot, their place, our place…anyplace
Good stuff.


I swear people will knit pick anything!

Even after a victory…sad!

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Who did Patricia give that ball to? I could not catch that.

Assistant OL coach who’s dad died a year ago and was buried in philly. First time he’d been back since that day. Cool move and gesture imo


Yeah, but did you notice he handed the guy the ball with his right hand? I wonder why he did it that way.

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Yea…there has to be a reason to dislike him and criticize him for that…somehow

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Yea, I guess the haters always have that…

Don’t ever let Prater be the first player off the bus

MattyP has some swag to him. I don’t have an issue with what he said at all. I liked it. He was brought in to build up this team and there has been a lot of conversation over the last year about this organization not being mentally tough. So maybe he was talking to everyone vets included, maybe some of the vets don’t really know what winning looks like…this is the Lions after all. They are playing hard and the results are showing…its not pretty but its working. People were saying this is a 4 win team…I am not sure we win next week but I am confident we show up to play.