Did Samaje Perine set the market for Jamaal?


I’d be happy to match that deal for Jamaal.


Jamaal was our #1 and broke the TD record. You think he would get the same deal as Perine?


Yeah Jamaal getting more. Maybe not much, but if this is what Perine is worth, Jamaal should get 2 years 10 million at least.

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I wonder how the Iggles signing of RB Perry ultimately plays into Brad’s situational thinking?..And how hard he is willing to drive any negotiations with Jamaal.??..The window on drafting RB Robinson at #18 just got a little bit wider, IMO. Iggles were one of the few teams, who may have had a legitimate reason to draft a RB at #10. Given the recent signings in FA by Brad Holmes,it appears RB Robinson at #18, looks more and more a distinct possibility… :thinking:

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Penny, Scott, and Gainwell might be one of the worst backfields in the league. I’m gonna say RB is definitely still in play.

But it might make more sense to wait for them and go elsewhere at 10.

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Perone is a very good back and yes, this signing should impact Jamaal’s decision for all parties.

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I’m sure Holmes would, too.
Realistically, it’s probably going to have to be 3 years 15M (13 guaranteed).

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“Set the market” does not necessarily equal “set the contract”. It’s just a meaningful data point. If you think he’s 20% better than perine, take perine’s number and add 20%.