Did we break Matthew Stafford?

Under Caldwell, Stafford became more of game manager. Maybe the stats will disagree with me, but I felt like that was when his moxie began to wither. Under JBC that regression has only continued, and the “gamer” we all thought we had is no longer.

I’ve long felt there are certain QBs that, by their nature, are riverboat gamblers. You run high and low with them, and hope that there are more highs than lows. Brett Favre is an example of this, maybe Rodgers as well. I get that Stafford was a rookie against Cleveland, but this kid seems to be a shell of himself.

The “gamer” label, as least for me, goes beyond the occasional stupid, frustrating play. It is the type of player his teammates love, is contagious, and makes for a helluva leader.


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You are not imaging that. When they stated “fixing Stafford”. This is what they meant, breaking him and rebuilding him.

Elway was a gambler too. Can you imagine Elway under Caldwell?
Never would have worked.


Only this god forsaken franchise …

Linehan has the right idea. Get YAC guys and keep throwing it. This offense has only worked when Matt was in gun nearly always and they used short passes as a run game. Bell, Bush, Best, Riddick, Tate…Those are Staff type RB/WRs

If we want to really focus on getting a run game going and using play action, Stafford and his 20 million a year probably isn’t the best option at QB

I know some call for trading him but anyone else is a gable. With all the cap and picks and possible coordinator/position coach changes we will get better.

But if we do trade Stafford then I say we load up on defense and become a smashmouth running team on offense. Unfortunately, our D is a mess and I don’t know who is more to blame, coaching, scheme, or players.

For years I just wanted a QB who could put up 25-30 tds and only 10-15 picks a year. We finally get him and everyone wants to trade him. I think a bunch of people have forgotten the QB play around here before Stafford. I agree he’s worse this year…but so is every other position group outside of RB. The transition to a new coaching staff just hasn’t went as effortlessly as we all thought it would. I’m telling you the trade of Tate was a signal that Quinn knows we ain’t a contender…and he’s right. The sad thing is we will be a year behind the rest of the team when we hire a new OC this off season. And yes we have made it a priority that Stafford doesnt turn the ball over because the only way this talent lacking team wins is if they play mistake free football for the most part.


You’ve gotta realize, 90% of the teams in the NFL have “franchise” QBs… Especially in the NFC. Who’s the worst QB in our conference? Eli and his 2 super bowls? Jamis Winston? Josh Rosen? They’re young (although I think Jamis is a bust) and can get better. The name of the game in the new NFL is draft a QB high, trade up if need be, and build the rest of the team while he’s on the cheap. The Lions are behind the 8 ball bad…

Coming into the season I had Stafford in the top 10 in QB’s…this year he’s no where near that. But I still hate the idea of trying to find a QB. What makes you think Quinn could do it?? And let’s also not forget Stafford hasnt missed a game in years. They need to draft a guy and develop him behind Stafford for a couple years.

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Kirk Cousins, Case Keenum, Dak Prescott, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson… Those are the starters in the league that weren’t drafted in the top 40 picks… 15% of the league. Our window needs to start next year, if we don’t show drastic improvement, we’re doomed to hover at .500 until Stafford’s contract is gone, we start over and draft our next QB.

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I’m a proponent of going with a college offense. Probably not the zone read but all of the spread/air raid concepts. Spread things out and simplify reads. I think that’s our best shot at getting elite production out of Matt.

Yes. This.

It’s actually 50/50. As of now the playoffs would be made up of 6 high end veterans and 6 cheap rookie contract guys. The problem is that 2019 Matt is neither of those. I think 2017-18 Matt could give us a shot at doing something. This year’s version, not so much.

I agree 100%

Lions finally get a franchise QB and everyone has to try and “fix him”

Either find a real OC that will maximize the use of Stafford’s arm strength or trade him and pick up a game manager system QB in the 5th round that would be more than happy to “dink and dunk”

Yah I think we broke him. Bad coaching, bad line bad running game. Trade away his best receiver I think that would break the best QB. Look how well Rodgers did at times this year without his best receivers and his line is good.

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The gamer we thought we had was even a hoax in 2011

Looking at 2011, we played a weak schedule and had CJ in his prime with supporting cast.

Wins over: Bucs 4-12, Chiefs 7-9.Vikings, a 3-13 team, we barely beat them in OT in first game, Cowboys 8-8, Bears 8-8, Broncos 8-8 (won division with Tebow/Orton at QB), Panthers 6-10, Vikings 3-13 Raiders 8-8, Chargers 8-8. We lost the last game to the Packers with Flynn at QB.

Then the Saints out gunned us in the playoffs.

2012, Stafford set a record for most pass attempts in a season. 727 pass attempts. CJ got 2000 yds. (ok, 1964) Whoopty do, we went 4-12.

2013 we were poised to win the division. 7-5 with 4 games to go. We lost 4 straight, one of them a familiar pick 6 to give the game away to a team that couldn’t find the end zone all day. 8-7-1 won the division.

2014, Schwartz’ defense finally peaked but we squandered the strength of the team by picking Ebron. The offense totally sucked but we still were carried to the playoffs. You can talk about how the refs screwed us in the Dallas game, but that play should have had offsetting penalties since Pettigrew had his hands all over that LBs face mask (which is why he didn’t turn for the ball. Cool move, but not legal). The better play would have been for Stafford to notice PRE SNAP that CJ was single covered to his left by a smurf CB who he had just burned 2 plays before and had been doing all game. To me, the big error was failing to audible and just throw it to CJ (who was open the entire play) instead of using him as a decoy for a slow developing play when all you needed was a yard. THAT was when I knew this QB wasn’t a killer. An elite QB would have murdered that play. Probably even Case Keenum would have nailed that play. Besides, Stafford missed Pettigrew even without interference.

Nobody broke Stafford. He is what he is. They’ve been trying to game plan with him for 10 years now and haven’t found the solution. I think it’s time to stop looking.

I think it’s time to finally get rid of the last remnant of the old rookie cap and start again. It’s not like we’re going to be any more of a laughing stock than we already are.

I think Stafford needs to have better protection and his receiver will get better separation. Look at Rodgers again last night He didn’t look so all world without 8 seconds to throw the ball and he only got sacked 4 times.

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