Did WFT already let their new name leak?




I was SO rooting for The Washington Foreskins


Any name they choose is gonna get torn apart, we’re a hot take, reactionary society. Just pick one and stick to it. People will forget soon enough.

Could you imagine if some team today decided to call itself the Lakers, Knickerbockers, Steelers, Packers, Sooners, Buckeyes, Hoosiers, Utes, Crimson Tide, Red Sox, White Sox, Dodgers, Maple Leafs, Islanders, Fighting Irish, etc? Their decision-makers would be drawn and quartered. And yet those are some of the most popular nicknames in sports.


I’d go with the Washington Scumbags considering their recent leadership history.

Release the emails already.


Personally I’ve always though team names should be very indicative of the city itself. It’s why I’ve always loved the Ravens since Baltimore was Edgar Allen Poe’s hometown. Quoth the raven nevermore.

Oilers were good, so are Astros and Rockets. Jazz was great when it was in New Orleans and makes no sense in Utah.

Anyway when anyone thinks about DC, they think about politics. A lot of political terms are divisive (Lobbyists? Pollsters?), but Senators was a good name back in the day. I’d say they could call themselves the Voters which should be very inclusive, but then does DC get to vote? I think it might be the only place in the country that doesn’t get to vote. Pretty sure it used to be.


I thought the replacements nailed it…the Washington sentinels. They could have tied it in and honored the guards of the tomb of the unknowns. It would have been a really cool tie in. They probably would have had to pay for the name but it would have been worth it.


Yeah that would be really good too, for sure. And Keanu’s hot, they could have like, had him be an unofficial ambassador.

I hate “Football Team” so much. Admirals sounds way better to me. Senators would’ve been cooler, but not sure if there’s an issue with that being a baseball team or something. Oh yeah, and most people hating government and all…

How about the Drunken Sailors (as an homage to Federal fiscal policy)?


I’m with you there, the MLS has already been messed up by the European Soccerification of team names, I don’t want it happening to the NFL as well. There’s nothing wrong with having a nickname. And yeah, Admirals is fine. Not the best, not the worst. Everyone will hate it for awhile then it’ll be fine.

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There are Cardinals in MLB and the NFL currently.

Do those 21 consecutive victories go to oblivion when they change the name?

Seriously, if they really wanted a name that fits the team and their region they would be the Washington Cover-ups. Mascot is Sergeant Schultz

hogans heroes hogan GIF


Love it! Why not the Scumbag Cover-Ups!


I just hope they put out a media guide note that the pronunciation of Admirals is actually how Chekov pronounces it in Star Trek.

See how long they can make that gag run…


JFC! That’s hilarious! :rofl:

The Cover-ups would be great. In fact there’s some great sounding political terms out there. Filibusterers, Muckrakers, Gerrymanderers, Mudslingers, Bird-Doggers. And Riders has like a triple meaning.

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Or Hulk Hogan dressed up like Hogan. :wink:

The Washington Lobbyists…

They’d never lose.