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If our Countries diesel supply doesn’t get handled ASAP, we all going to be in some deep Chit!!! WTF is going on?

Politics. Literally all it is. I am not going to say anything else on the subject.


Running out of diesel is politics? I’d call it a National crisis, and that will prove to be an understatement.

You better read a little deeper into it. Again I don’t want to get your thread locked.


And I do believe it will be a crisis, but certainly a preventable one.


This guy better start channeling his inner Wilt Chamberlain…

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As a Country we are down to a 25 day supply! How is it preventable at this point?
I have no interest in talking about political issues on this. I’m actually going shopping and loading up on food! I think we all should. As winter approaches, diesel fuel demand goes way up, a 25 day supply at this time of year is the most dangerous levels we have ever been at.
Our emergency reserves of diesel fuel are 1 million gallons, enough to last a day!

All of which our “leaders” have known. I am not going to reply anymore. Totally preventable issue we are about to have.


1000% yes

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well my diesel truck got stolen a while back. The DA told me they don’t prosecute grand theft auto anymore. But Jokes on that tweaker anyway I guess. haha sucker

The companies themselves admit its not political. The supply pinch is great for prices and theyve even said tjey like the price where its at. I mean theyre raking in record profits in an industry that’s ridiculously profitable.

more pandemic ripple effects. all the refineries that closed or lapsed into disrepair when the world was suddenly all ‘well guess we’re all staying home for a year’ can’t keep up with the demand from the recovery.

It will take the inevitable coming recession to stabilize and interest rates are likely popping up. Not to mention the millions of restaurants hanging on by a thread probably closing over the winter

fun times ahead

The folks I know in the industry kept working…the ones that were on projects kept working business as usual

…the bans on domestic drilling should have gotten them on the “real men of genius” commercials. Zero chance that causes prices to spike.

…then, we don’t make any cuts, import the same amount, claim it’s for “green movement” when the only difference is we import it from countries that have less strict drilling standards (worse for the earth).

Only impact is → worse for environment, brought here on ships, hurt our own economy. Doesn’t feel “green” to me.

…unlss they bought stock in foreign oil first, then moved the green into their own bank accounts. :wink:

Truth is in the middle somewhere, but this is what I see with my ppl that work in the industry. They were considered “critical employees,” or whatever they were calling it.

My brothers never missed a day of work


I’m glad your peeps kept working. I know those cats work really hard. Still it’s factual that the pandemic and demand drop still caused a bunch of refineries to close diminishing capacity. EU and China are down in production too. And we aren’t buying from Russia……Fucking Russia.

It’s going to take another couple years to balance out. I’m the meantime I’m going to buy a motorcycle and save on gas. Plus chicks dig them

Love ya bro. I hate to see ppl on motorcycles (for obvious reasons). Be safe.

I will. I don’t fear death or mind it’s inevitability. I just don’t want to be all fucked up for years. So if I’m in a bad accident I want it to be gloriously bad

Then you can all have a beer after another Lions loss in my honor :yum:

Haha! I was in a wheel chair for a year and a half, man. Never-ending 24/7 pain suuuuuuuucks.

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what happened? Some dude catch you shagging his lady?

Riding my Harley, and some dude decided to run a red light and hit me with a Chevy Suburban

Oof! Glad you’re good now. No fun. That’s a big vehicle to be hitting a motorcycle