Die Hard and the Lions

I’m going to re-watch Die Hard and this time be a little happier about it.


In the Act 2 scene where Hans Gruber is caught by McClane and has to fake being one of the workers on the directory, what name does this Vilain of all Villains choose?

William Clay.:grinning:

Also, Bruce Willis’ John McClane character was originally named John Ford.

Also also, Die Hard is NOT a Christmas Movie. Its a movie set during Christmas.


It is 100% a Christmas movie…happens at a Christmas party!!!

That’s like saying National Lampoon’s Vacation isn’t a vacation movie!!!


I agree …, it’s a Christmas movie.

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Die Hard is not a Christmas movie, it just happened at Christmas/winter time.

I think that a movie has to be centered around Christmas to be considered a Christmas movie, the Christmas party was just something to get all the people in the building at once so the bad guys can hold them hostage.


Agree 100%…

What’s more Christmas than that?

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It was a movie about a family coming together for the holidays…just happened that John McLain had to stop a terrorist ploy before Santa came!!!

100% Christmas story!


DND, Snags, and Weasel… you’re the type of people who like pineapple on pizza.
Yippy Caye Yay Baby Jesus.

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Honolulu special- red onion, pineapple and spam.

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Exactly … those who don’t see it probably miss all the Christmas undertones like.

His wife’s name is Holly. Who is being forced to work on Christmas Eve… Sound familiar?

John McClain is just trying to get home to his family for Christmas… typical Christmas theme and the movie has plenty of Christmas music in it too for the sappy types. The main theme of the movie is all about family getting together for Christmas.

There’s a grinch, Scrooge, villain, who is keeping John from getting home to his family for the holidays … bah humbug … and his attempts to ruin Christmas fail.

Then you have hints like Hans Gruber the villain - and the man who composed Silent Night is named Franz Gruber.

There’s a woman about to give birth in the movie which hints towards the birth of Christ.

Seriously how can you get anymore Christmasy than Die Hard!


I’m a very traditional type of guy: vanilla malt, deluxe pizza, and Miller Lite…no micro-brews here.
Pineapple pizza, it’s ok. Can’t say I hate it.

So it’s Hans and Franz?



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There was even snow… albeit in a guys nose but SNOW!

People are crazy to think it’s not!!! Lol

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Found the Packers fan.

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Die Hard IS a Christmas movie


Three Christmas songs in the movie. The word “Christmas” is used 18 times while the word “kill” (a far superior movie word mind you) is only used 13 times.

Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie. And almost everybody knows it. In fact, a new poll by Morning Consultfound that, after years internet trolling on behalf of the cause, only 25 percent of Americans buy in. A whopping 62 percent say “No, no, no!”

Still don’t agree? Then ask the man himself.

No, not Santa. Bruce.

Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. It’s a G–d–m Bruce Willis movie,” the action movie icon said over the summer.

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Bruce is only an actor. Ask the actual writer.

Screenwriter Stephen E. de Souza weighed in on the debate on Twitter to confirm that Die Hard is a Christmas film.

He wrote: how could it not be a Christmas movie? Plus a woman about to give birth features prominently.”

Come on Snags…you gonna tell me that Brokeback Mountain isn’t a camping movie next?!?

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Does it have some reference to Christmas so we can call it a Christmas movie?

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