Diggs re-signs with Seattle

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I love Diggs, but I wouldn’t pay him that much even if he wasn’t coming off injury. I was thinking 10mil AAV tops.


Solid deal for both sides. Probably helps set the market at safety accordingly

I feel like this is going to be the equivalent of 2016 NBA free agency where everyone got a massive deal because of a salary cap increase

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I personally would shy away if guys are signing market altering deals. A guy like Marcus Williams IS one of the best safeties in the NFL, has been extremely consistent, our staff knows him, and he is young. I would pay a top of market deal for him.

There is no other player in this class that I would do that for. I would go all in for Williams and play the 2nd/3rd wave of free agency if thats the case as severely overpaying almost never works out long term.

If Diggs gets this, what does Williams get?
Phew …

Lol Quinn gave him up for a 5th rounder


Crap! He was a guy I had hoped we would target early.

Exactly! Williams looking for huge money