Discussion forums for other teams

If you know of a good free discussion forum for another pro football team, please post it here. There
s alot of garbage out there, and once in a while, esp. at draft time, its good to know what the other teams are thinking, Thanks!



Find them.

And then link everyone to come here.


The Management


The Vikes " Purple Pain Forum". Posted there a handful of times.



There’s about five or six Eagles forums - any opinions on which one or ones are best?

How about Packers?

JoeDishwasher/Wally/RTK/GrampaSmith is gonna need to ooen his own forum, problem is to get in your business card has to be Bone w Silian Rail typeface, attached to a very detailed analysis of Huey Lewis’ Hip To Be Square, so study up gents.


Haha. This was good.

It seems like there is definitely a business opportunity for all these independent message board operates to unite under one umbrella and sell themselves to advertisers as one. But what do I know about digitial media (nothing).

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Footballsfuture kind of does this, there’s some team communities that are really active and some that haven’t had a post in years. I like to visit their draft forum, there’s some really knowledgeable posters who have been in there for years and years. It’s not the most active place in the world but it’s not bad.

Too much hubris on the Footballsfuture board.

You definitely have to weed through some of that.

They don’t stand a chance against Nate!

I’ve been trying to shepherd them over here, especially in the draft forum. Have no idea if it’s working or not.

It looks like a leading option for the Eagles is:

It pales in comparison to this place, but the three others I checked out were worse.

I’ve probably enjoyed the Jags Duval Pride board the most of other teams boards this year. They were pretty down on T Law, but that has changed a lot this year. They’ve paid attention to Aiden Hutchinson and deep down they know they f-ed up but they don’t really want to admit it just yet.


Love that we got Hutch, and the Jags passed on him. But I do see Walker becoming a pretty good player in the future. He flashed at times this year, Hutch was more of a sure thing, and never pass on sure things. But I could see Walker having 8-10 sacks next year. He showed some play making ability in his rookie year and the Jags only gave up 20.6 points per game, 12th best in the nfl. But they sure couldn’t stop the Lions offense, haha

I go to lots of other teams boards, I find it way more useful than seeing what PFF and ESPN have to say.

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Yeah - I thought it would be good to get some names and links, because usually you have to sort through all the ones that have two posts over four years, or the ones that are just a bunch of gripers before you find the ones that are worthwhile. Thanks for the info on the jags board! Any others ?

Just talked to my brother who is a Giants fan and this is the place for the Giants: