Division Draft Picks: What worries you the most?

For me, GB loaded up on talented receivers, and Watson could be a name that haunts us. Even Minny turned in a solid draft after their bizarre trades.

We got better but so did the division.

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What worries me the most is Erin’s cleanses lengthening his career. That and Firlds developing well. The '22 picks don’t worry me.

well the problem is due to covid, etc this draft was actually pretty ‘good’ for quite a while. generally you have a considerable talent dropoff but not this year.

Bears released their best QB. They will be starting their worst QB. They didn’t have a first rounder because of the Fields pick. They picked up a solid CB but overall not much added in the draft.

Vikings gave us Jameson (thanks again !!). Time will tell whether it was the right move. They did add Cine who was mocked to Detroit a lot and I really liked him. They picked up a nice CB next and a solid OG after that. Overall a pretty solid draft for Minny.

I really liked Green Bay’s draft. They got multiple players I really liked. They got good value at most every pick. They had the 2nd best draft.

Detroit > Green Bay > Minny > Chicago


For me, I worried about the exact same thing I always worry about:
I’m a Lions fan. Barry, then Calvin, Suh and Stafford, and it amounted to nothing. Those teams don’t scare me. My team scares me.

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Yeah - sadly I think GB had a really solid draft. They shored up their defense a lot and still picked up some decent WR’s.

Minnesota’s was decent but time will tell on where they are headed.
Chicago is treading water at best, although canning Nagy was a plus I think.emphasized text


The Bears lost more than they gained in the off season by any standard. Vikes, for me is more of a wait and see. AR will turn the WR picks and Sammy into stars, we’re fighting for 2nd.


What worries me, the Lions play in the stacked AFC.

Oh wait. Nevermind.

Build a winner, let them worry about you. Want to win a Super Bowl, you aren’t hiding from anyone. You’re going to have to get through someone.


The sole concern for 2022 is that. Jameson Williams doesn’t fully recover from the ACL.Not worried about any other teams.


I am more worried about our high expectations.
Our team still needs to get better, it’s not that we only needed one good player in one position, and now we have solved it.
The matches in the division will be uncertain, we will not own anyone.
GB is not in such a decline, and we are in an incredible rise.
I expect at least three victories in the division, and I hope for more.

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Nothing. MCDC has to beat them if he wants to win. Doesn’t matter whose on their team, we have to worry about us.


Vikes and Bears are fucked. Packers are hanging by a thread. Our HC is special. He’s the difference.
It’s like if there are 2 wood workers, and one guy has better tools, but the other guy is a master wood-worker. Coach Dan is the master…Don’t focus on the tools…focus on the essence of what we are…Those posers will never be able to consistently compete with that.

THIS …is why we will win.
Dan MF’n Campbell and the culture he has built. Even if they have comparable tools, Dan’s club will whip their asses


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