Division games

Caldwell was 16-8 in his 4 seasons.
Fatty Matty will be 2-10 in his 2 seasons with a GB loss in week 17. (2-9 right now).

Division games are so important. You just can’t be successful without winning the majority of those games.

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Can’t be successful going 16-8 either…

Had this discussion with a diehard Packer fan today.

Several types of finishes to a season that make a fan happy.

Mine, SB win… Anything else is a failure.

But some just want to see us win the division or win a playoff game. Some would just like to see us playing week 18 while others may be fine with 8-7-1 or 9-7.

You go 16-8 in the division, you have a great chance to win the division or get a wildcard position.


I used to think the same thing, until we went 5-1 in the division a couple years ago and lost the division by 4 full games. Lol. We seem to always find a way to shart in our wranglers.

Caldwell spent a tremendous amount of time preparing for division rivals, in particular the Packers. Caldwell used to literally start prepping for the Packers at the very first mini camps where players could talk to the coaches. The rookies first lessons in the NFL were “this is what the Packers do and how we are going to combat it!”

I’m glad we had Caldwell to come in here and exercise some demons in Lambeau.

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Yep! There are 31 losers and one winner in this game

Colts went from 5-2 to elimination of a six game losing streak… but they are better than the Lions they preception only… both are not in the playoff race … end of story.

talk to the 11-6 pats when they were eliminated as well.

Now, on a different trajectory, we may have 3 NFC teams with 12 or mire wins. I never felt this team would get to 12/13 wins this year and it seems that’s the mark for the division… so even if we did make it, I don’t think we be a true contender now at even 10/11 wins… just not our yr… :cry:

Didn’t work out well for us… We were a long ways off from doing the 1 thing that counts, winning a SB.

Can’t win the SB if you can’t win a bunch of divisional games.

Yes you can. All wins count as 1. People overvalue this a tad.

Actually a loss for us counts as a win for them. It’s just one game technically but lite more like 1.5 games when you factor in tie breakers.

The NFC is ridiculous this year…just think, a 12 win team is going to be a 5 seed.

And yet we went 5-1 in the division 3 years ago and still lost the division by 4 full games. Total wins is all that matters. I doesnt matter if we go 6-0 in our division if we go 2-8 in the rest

Division wins are more valuable than other wins. You are comparing wins to losses, so no shit a random win vs a loss is more valuable.

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Simply have each team play every other conference opponent once per year. Rotate games locations each year. Home team in 2020, (CHI @ DET), for example, is the visiting team in 2021 (DET @ CHI) - repeat annually. That creates 15 game season alone. Then add an inter-conference opponent. Easy cheesy.

It’s also equalizes the amount of travel for each team each year with the exception of the one, possibly two if a 17 game schedule, games against opposite conference each year. Further it should help clear up tie-breaking procedures because each team has basically played the exact same teams

That creates a MUCH MORE Level Playing Field as I explained in an opinion I posted a a while back in another thread. The league could discontinue divisions entirely; leaving conference only and the only differences in each years schedule would be the one or two inter conference games with AFC opponents and vice a versa.

It already happens every year that a fourth-place team within each given division plays fourth-place schedule from other divisions of the conference xcetera. So you could easily continue that type of equalizer per se, by having first place team in the NFC play the previous first-place team from the AFC, second place against second place, third Place against third place and so on to schedule the 16th game

This would ensure that the actual best teams (or at least best W-L records) each and every calendar year would be the ones that qualified for the playoffs . That would eliminate once and for all, for example, a 7 win team hosting a playoff game against an 11-win team from the same conference They should also in my opinion re-seed the teams after each round to reward the higher seeds much in the way that’s the NBA does.

I don’t believe this will ever happen because it would the against the interest of all the glamour teams, IMHO.

UPDATE - is Vic fangio the Broncos head coach reading my posts from a week ago? LOL I read on Twitter a few days ago that he has proposed the same thing. Above is my post from about 2 weeks ago.

No they aren’t. That is just a talking point with no validity.

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Funny post. You’re still wrong.


  1. Detroit Lions went 5-1 in the division. They also won 4 other games vs non division opponents. If division games are more valuable, then why did we only end up with 9 wins?

If division games are worth 1.5, whey didn’t we finish with 11.5 wins? Even though 11.5 wins still wouldn’t have won the division, tell me again how those division wins are so valuable. They all count as 1. End of story.

Just to be clear, I never said a division win is worth 1.5 so don’t lump me into his argument.

But when the NFC East is decided this year based on division wins, I want you to come back and apologize that all wins are created equal. Comparing a win to a loss is dumb.