DJ Chark - thoughts on performance please?

Fellas -
I live in California, I haven’t been able to view a game at all… I went to a bar this morning, but it’s closed for good!

So I cannot smartly comment on DJ Chark;s performance to date.

I was super happy to see his signing, I expected great things. And to date, haven’t seen boo! I thought he was supposed to be a speed demon…???

So please tell me, can I be hopeful at all?

Thank you.

He’s gonna do great.
Goff already feels safe w/Ra and Reynolds. From what I saw last year, it takes Goff a long time to build timing and/or trust with different WRs.
Ra didn’t come on until late in the season.
it took a bit to develop timing with others too.
As soon as Reynolds came to the team, he was the main target, because him and goff already had timing down/knew e/o.
Chark will come along.
he had a rough first game, didn’t get many targets, but did well today. He will get better, especially if Ra is hurt (please dont let that be the case)

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They hit him twice on the very first drive of the game and I was thinking this is gonna be his breakout game…

Then they ignored him the rest of the game it seemed…

I was confused by this…



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That tells me there isn’t a comfort level with him. They can only get him involved when they spend a bunch of time planning it out ahead of time.


Goff has overthrown Chark on deep balls a few times. I think Chark’s spot goes to Williams when he is back and Chark goes to #3/4 with Reynolds.


If the Detroit Lions give you a huge contract, you have two options:

  1. Play like a glorified practice squad guy moving forward

  2. Non-contact season ending injury in practice

So far Chark has chosen option one. I feel option two is still very much in play.

Exactly! And he was wide open on both plays. He seems to get open often. The week before Goff missed him on a sure 50 yard gain, once again he was wide open. Timing with Goff seems to be a bit of an issue.

Going into yesterday’s game Chark also had two drops in 12 targets. Amon-Ra, OTOH, went his entire rookie season without dropping a ball.

So there’s that.

I mean you’re right, but guess who also dropped 2 balls in the 1st game!?

Chark is supposed to be 4.3 speed but he doesn’t play like it. He’s not particularly good at tracking the ball either. I think Tom Kennedy would have a greater net positive than Chark at this point

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My initial impression of Chark is that he doesn’t play as big as his listed height. Its early, but I sort of see why his reputation for not being tough at the catch point has developed.

But they knew these things going in. His speed seems to be as advertised. I wish they could hook up on some of these long passes. The offense would open up for them.

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I was assuming that the Vikings were leaving him with light coverage because he was a non-factor in the first two games.

Then we went to him twice for total of 40 yards in the 1st drive and they remembered he was at least able to catch the ball and made an adjustment. Then we stopped going to him.

Best I could tell

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I had the exact same reaction. He was carving up the Vikings over the middle and they never went back to that. I don’t know if the Vikings made adjustments or if it was just stupid play calling. One more of those catches late in the 4th seal the game.


I also want to know where the hell was hockenson when we needed him most?


Mean whlie kirk has at 18 267 and 3 tds. Seems like Jacksonville made the right move not keeping chark

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Honestly, listening to the game while driving I forgot he was on the team because I couldn’t see the formations and his name was never mentioned.

So yea…he was a non-factor

I had the same thought. He may as well been inactive this entire season.

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Thank you. Several posts commented on a lack of trust between Goff and DJ. An unknowingness…?

Perhaps more action in pre-season would have addressed this?

But more important to have the back-up B’s take the reps and get accustomed to the new WR’s…?

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