Dj turner in the second?

We still need corner depth beyond this season. He’s got good size and great speed. I’d grab him and let him sit and develop this year. You can’t teach 4.2 speed.


Not a bad idea, you have to think we are grabbing a CB some time tonight. Having the luxury of developing him is huge.


He just scares me. I watch every Michigan game and he didn’t show me much at all. Could be him, or the system they play on defense. I’m not a fan of his. Maybe as a split db at corner/safety. I don’t see him as a starter.

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It’s also possible he could develop into another slay with nfl coaching. He has all the tools to be very good. With an extra 2 second round picks this year you can take a shot with a guy like him.

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Wasn’t he projected in later rounds? I agree I like the speed and maybe Dre can teach him a few things

When I first read that in small print, i thought it said tumer and I thought

Originally yes, however, he has been moving up and some were projecting 2nd rd.

If the players are similarly graded I’d rather have the guy with 4.2 speed than 4.4 or 4.5 speed.

This…or something like this was likely the plan from the beginning. my suspicion of this is why I wasn’t high on nabbing spoon or gonzo.

Spoon would have been a great fit.

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Needing one CB beyond this season maybe an likely but its not desperate they take one early.

We only lose two right now from roster if we can’t resign.

The rest are signed or are ERFA or RFA I am certain we add one depends on how board falls I know they talked a lot with Tice


Very true, I don’t think Michigan developes talent well.

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