DK Metcalf in case you missed it

Metcalf coming at me running near 23 mph looking to take me down would scare the shit out of me, literally…dude is jacked, and I didnt realize how big of a WR he actually is until I watched him towering over all the AZ D players, yikes.

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It was an amazing play.

He reminds me of Calvin.

And to think, he’s shorter and slower than Calvin. Crazy.


It was like watching a Cheetah chase it’s prey…

Dude is a stud!

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Play of the year!
I could watch it 100 times.

I have RW as my qb for FF and this probably saved me some points I’m guessing.

Awesome effort by DK!

DK Metcalf is a better defender than Tavai. Let that sink in.


Guy is tearing up the league, he’s got size/speed/motivation and only getting better. Still blows me away that he lasted almost until the 3rd round.

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Golladay is one of my favorite tacklers on our team!

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LOL - so is damn near everyone else. :wink:

let that sink in.

He also took a screen pass about 50 yards for a touchdown to win the game in OT, but it was called back for holding. Would’ve been another game winning TD for him. The guy is a beast.

This is who I wanted the Lions to take in the 2nd. Sad that posters can draft better than GMs. How can professionals miss that badly on him?


Would be nice to have him. I preferred A.J. Brown as a Tate replacement but it seems clear that Metcalf though stylistically different is a cut above. Brown is still a nice player that would’ve helped us a lot though.

Yep. Both players are really good. AJ Brown is a legit #1. Both are great 2nd round picks. If I were a GM I would spend my 2nd or 3rd most years on a WR. These rounds seem to be the sweet spot to find WRs.


I also wanted AJ Brown. I think AJ Brown will have as good, if not better career than Metcalf. Should be fun to watch them. They are both slightly shorter versions of CJ.

Good thing the college ranks are producing stud WRs like never before.

After I watched what the Packers did, I was sold that it was the best way to go. One Megatron is not how to build a winner. While we had one guy, they scooped up James Jones, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb - all 2nd and 3rd round picks. That’s how you build a team. And I like the idea of using the same strategy at CB. Load up on 2nd and 3rd rounders. Getting one stud with your top pick isn’t the way to go. Its the totality of what you have at WR or CB that makes the difference.


Wes, from a roster management standpoint would you be a proponent of drafting two WRs (and extending Golladay) or does that leave the WR too young in your opinion?

Once a QB and receiver find a chemistry together, I am not in favor of breaking them up. So extending Golladay is a must. But to the other point, I’d be okay with drafting multiple receivers if the draft board shook out like that. I wouldn’t force feed it though.

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