Do we care that Deandre Swift just had his best game ever?

I don’t think anyone is mad or disappointed about having Gibby>Swift. Everyone knows Gibby is at worst an equal talent to Swift and likely tougher and more durable.

When we drafted Gibbs I loved it. Swift wasn’t sticking around here after 2023. I also felt it was the right thing to do in trading him after that.


I have no reason to believe Duce didn’t care about Swift. Maybe you know things that I don’t.

I could tell that he was frustrated that at times Swift ran like a coward. It frustrated me too tbh.

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After the first two games he averaged 4.3ypc. Which is fine but alludes to what Ben was getting at. By no means were our struggles running the ball entirely on Swift of course.

And this is the case with every single back. It’s easy to see holes sitting on the couch. And yes, he does leave yards on the table because of his mentality. I won’t deny any of this.

You can also google Swift and vision and you will see a ton of praise. Googling stuff without specific sources and legit sources isn’t what I was referring to. I wanted to see legit scouts saying it was a negative.

I’ll argue till I’m blue in the face that Swifts vision is not an issue (I mean it’s obvious I’ll argue hard about anything haha) and that it’s actually a strength. But I won’t deny his actual short comings because he does have them.

It’s all good brother we don’t need to continue this. There is absolutely a bias in regards to Swift and this fan base. It’s a common thing around here. As I’m sure it is with every single fan base.

Swift score a 10+ yard TD in preseason and Duce was pissed he didn’t run where the play was designed. We all saw it. That’s just Duce being Duce…an idiot. If that isn’t evidence that Duce was all over Swift all the time I don’t know what is.

Uh, ok you say there is a bias so it is factual, bias works both ways. And, yes you do come strong which is great always enjoy your posts.
At the end of the day, I’m viewing it similar to you; he has shortcomings, vision yes, you no, either way I understand why they moved on from him and not losing any sleep over it.
Hope he does well against everyone except Detroit.


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I do recall seeing Duce being tough on Swift. I also remember him showing him love in Hard Knocks.

I think he thought Swift had the talent to be capable of much more than we were consistently getting.

I’m not so sure. I was more impressed with Swift in college than I was Gibbs. Gibbs is much faster but also smaller and has his own issues.

Everyone thinks Bryce is too small to play QB. I mean Gibbs is the same size and he’s trying to play RB.

Just realized you helped me form the Taylor Swift backfield.
Very Funny Thank You GIF by Taylor Swift

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Interesting. Swift frustrated me in college the same way that he’s frustrated me as a pro. Always seemed to display poor instincts and vision while I watched him play while in college.

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