Do we get Another WR?

Even after the signing of highly capable WR Danny Amendola, I still feel we could use some bolstering to our WR corp. If we did sign a WR, here are some guys I would like to add to our team. Chris Conley, Justin Hardy, or even re-signing TJ Jones. Just a little signing to finish off that corp.

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Jordy is available. :laughing:

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You could argue that he does owe us something… anything…

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I like Deebo Samuel somewhere in the 2nd to 3rd round. Punt returner, start him in the slot. Learn from Amendola.

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I also like Deebo. Not so much Jordy.

Chris Conley going to Jags.

I’d love to add Deebo. No matter who we sign in FA we need to draft a WR. FA is slim pickings right now.

I feel like we have yet to see Powell’s ceiling. I’d like to see Amendola mentor him into more of a badass. Dude could be a good one.

I’d definitely prefer to build the OL, right now. Sign Spencer Ware, some protection for Mathew, and get creative on Offense!