Do we have the healthiest squad in the playoffs?

Must be pretty close to full strength right at the most important time of the season. Hats off to rhe coaching and medical staff as its very impressive.


One. Handsome. Ass. Mother. Fucker!

Love our HC


The health we have today

…was earned in July and August, going live in pads.

Dan had a plan, and the players believed.


Yup! Also, playing our young guys in week 18 instead of resting them was valuable practice and momentum for a deep playoff run. Coach Dan knows exactly what he’s doing…calculated risk.

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I don’t believe health and the amount of excercise and/or stretching is really directly correlated. Remember when Matt made them practice out in the snow for an indoor game?
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so it looks like both teams are at full strength, right?

I really think our guys win this one, fellas.

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In my opinion most players would need to be missing a leg or ligaments to not be playing


Put me in coach…

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